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Herald. A Festive Tale.

Hello all,

I think that, a few weeks ago, I mentioned on one of these threads that I had started to write a short festive tale. Anyway, it is now complete and has grown to be a short(ish) piece.

I read it aloud to some of my family last week during a holiday in Scotland. They said that they liked it but, then, what else would they say? Family tend to be nice about such things. And today, my writing group enjoyed hearing it. It came as a (pleasant, I think) surprise from my usual "darker" stuff for them. One of the ladies even had a tear in her eyes and a tremble to her voice as she expressed how my story made her think of her husband. I hope that this was a positive. Maybe not!

Anyway, in the tradition of "giving" that is so prevalent at this time of year, here is a link to my blog and the aforementioned festive tale.

I hope that some of you, lots with any luck, enjoy it. Comments - good, bad and meh!, are encouraged! (Please bear in mind the festive period and disguise the harsher comments with lots of tinsel, bows and glitter.)

Oh, and Merry Christmas, TalkBackers.


All the Christmassy best to everyone,

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