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Book Titles

I really must start working on the third book in my series, but one thing holding me back is its lack of a title. It's been 'Book 3' till now. I might have to give it a working title till the right one comes to me, but I'm not sure I'll be able to change it once it's written down.
I know it's stupid, but what do others do?


  • It usually comes to me as I'm writing. A phrase might jump out at you, or something with a double entendre that fits. There's nothing wrong with waiting until the end when you have an overview.
  • Beautifully logical, TN - I shall call it Book Three.
  • Whatever title you choose is almost certain to be changed if it is accepted for publication. Better to select a working title that suggests the flavour of what you're aiming at
  • Ah - but I'm self-publishing, GeeGee12.
  • Actually I kind of disagree with that  - in my experience it's vital to have a brilliant, catchy title if you are not self-publishing as it piques interest in the first place. We were told by agents and publishers that the title partly sells the book and if you have a killer one you are in a much better position, as anything which lifts your book above another similar one just as well-written helps you. Yes, it might be changed... but it's a good thing to have. That's not to say you have to have the title while you are writing it, though. 
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