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Head jumping

I've started another novel and having decided to give two first person points of view, find myself head jumping. Given the action takes place in different locations and in different times before slowly coming together this feels OK, but I was wondering what people think of this type of scenario. There was a similar discussion on here once but I can't find it now.


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    I don't mind changing character viewpoints within a chapter as long as they're clearly defined and not both VP's within the same scene- head hopping so you can lose track of whose VP it is.

    Fine if scene one is character one, then a couple of blank lines later on denoting the end of that scene before the next scene with character two's viewpoint. 
  • I agree with Carol. Although I have to say I am pretty immune to head jumping - I don't mind it at all as long as you know whose head you are in. I read a lot of Alexander McCall Smith books and he jumps about all over the place. That is 3rd person though - wouldn't really work if everyone was trying to be 'I' at the same time!!
  • I read a few M&B books where there was head hopping but it worked, but I think it was just that it worked for those particular stories.

  • More than one POV is fine, as long as it doesn't randomly chop about all over the place. 
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