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Who's in April 2021's Writing Magazines?

edited March 2021 in - WM and WN
Who's in April 2021's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until the 4th March so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Back copies and digital issues available: https://www.writers-online.co.uk/store/back-issues/writing-magazine


  • Mine arrived this morning. Will look at it later as I have things to do, and toast to eat.
  • Mine has just arrived. Put through the wrong letterbox I think. I saw the postie pass at lunchtime. We only get one delivery a day. Will look at it later.
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