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Current Talkback Problems

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  • Hi Talkbackers,

    First let me introduce myself, my name is Jon and I am looking into the problems that have been occurring on the Talkback forums.

    Yesterday we updated the system to alleviate the slow down that had begun to occur on the website,  and I have been checking back every now and then to see if any other problems have been occurring since the update.
    Although the speed of the site no longer seems to be an issue I have noticed that there are a couple of threads regarding users issues with the forum, and as soon as I spotted an issue had been found I fixed it as soon as possible. So I thought that I would create this post so that if anyone else notices anything out of the ordinary regarding the forum, they could post a reply here and I will then investigate the cause, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

    I would like to thank you all for your patience during this time.

    Kind regards
  • many thanks!  It's good to know there is someone on the job!  It's been a bit frustrating, not being able to get in or having got in, not able to post replies.  Glad to meet you, Jon, hope we don't give you too many problems, just enough to keep you employed full time ...
  • Hello Jon.
    I am still getting occasional problems. I can be logged on, reading and answering threads, then click on the next thread and receive a page cannot be displayed message. I click back and return to the threads screen, but when I click another thread the same thing happens, so I log out and leave the site for a short while before coming back in and logging in again.
    This has been occuring for days, but less frequently than it was earlier in the week.
  • Thank you, Jon!  It's good to know that someone is dealing with our problems on the site.
  • Hi Carol,
    Thanks for that I managed to replicate the problem.I have now fixed this and hopefully you will not get it again.

  • Hi Jon,
    I've been having hit and miss problems all day. Had just posted two posts just now with no problem when the third requested that I log in again - then claimed my usual log-in (which is saved to the computer) was invalid.
  • I am still having problems. I just posted a thread and then couldn't get back in so had to go back in the site again.
  • Jon, ran into a problem a few minutes ago. Busy posting replies, no problem, went to another thread further down, the dreaded white page came up and again and again, I have come out of Talkback, gone in via the Web through WN's home page to reach this and report it. Still a few glitches in there, sorry to say.
  • Just in case you are interested it has done it again - after the invalid warning it suggests going back and trying again - I have, repeatedly, but it still won't accept that I am who I was a few minutes ago.
    (I suspect you are in league with my conscience which is telling me I have other things I should be doing just now...so I'm off to do them!!!)
    Thanks x
  • Thanks for the posts.
    I will look into why you are receiving the error messages. When you say you are receiving the white screen does it have any text on it at all? If so it would be great if next time you receive it you could copy and paste it onto a reply, I am trying to replicate the error but so far I am unable to get the system to fall over for me.

  • Jon, the biggest problem I have had in recent weeks is to find that my posts are recorded under someone else's name. One day recently I had become Peter. I have noticed others complaining of the same problem too.
  • I received a very technical-sounding message several times this morning when I tried to add to existing threads - something about an SQL Syntax error. If I get it again I'll copy it onto this thread - or if that doesn't work onto a new one.

    Many thanks for providing such a friendly forum.

    Happy Christmas!
  • the white page I get is the standard THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED thing that always comes up when you can't access a website.  You must know the one I mean! The other one, this morning, had SQL error all over it.
  • Thanks Jon, it is working so far, so hopefully it will continue that way.
  • Afraid I am still getting "invalid log-in" totally randomly. I have to exit the site, re-enter and it is fine again.
  • Just wanted to say welcome Jon.  Sounds like you've got your work cut out but thanks for all your help.  Merry Christmas.
  • Hi Jon - nice to meet you.
    Hope we're not driving you too crazy!
    This is the message I keep getting every time I log on to Members' Profiles (I want to send someone an e-mail) :

    Talkback Members

    This list is sorted by most recent post. For alphabetical order, click here

    <i>Error removed by Jon</i>
  • Yes I got that this morning while the system was playing up at lunchtime. I'd forgotten that one.
  • Jon, I'm afraid it is still happening - my log-in is valid or invalid at random
  • Unable to access profiles either I'm afraid..
  • Hi Jon, Merry Christmas!
  • Jon, now you're here we'll never let you leave! Happy Christmas and thank you.
  • Many thanks for the error message Claudia. I have now tracked this problem down and you can now move around the members profile correctly.

    I will continue looking at the incorrect login details etc.

  • Jon - there's a message from Allie about Tracy's problems. It's called Attention please Webbo.
  • Tracy should now be able to access the site, and I have contacted her directly to say so.
  • Jon - just wanted to say thanks for sorting out my identity problems - I seem to be myself again.
    Have a nice week-end!
  • What a team!
  • Jon, Daisy has become Tracy, so when the real Tracy comes back, there will be total confusion. This identity fraud must be solved, if at all possible!  It is getting very silly now.  You resolve Tracy's problem and immediately someone else gets her user name. 
  • And Webbo has become John?
  • Hi Jon
    I've logged in but appear as Tracy.
    I'd also just got an internal error message saying Page Cannot be Displayed when I did a final submit button click.
    I'll log out and come back in, hopefully as myself.
  • That last one was actually from me Carol.
  • This is Daisy, in case I appear as someone else!  I appeared as Tracy on another thread this afternoon.
  • Daisy - that sounds like an alibi!
  • Hi Harmony here, Like Daisy, I also got logged on as Tracy, twice about ten minutes ago and a couple of hours ago.  I logged out and when I logged in again I got my own logon.
  • I'm finding it is taking two attempts to post a thread, and get this message when I press submit for the preview message:
    Logged In
    Press the BACK button on your browser to try again

    When I do this and press submit again, it goes to final preview this time and goes through on the submit.
  • I was purplequeen earlier tonight.  It's the first time I've ever had a log in problem, but luckily I noticed before I posted. I logged out then in again and I became Hush Puppy once more.
  • Okay this is doing my head in.  Webbo started trying to sort the problems but then he metamorphosed into Jon.  So is Webbo Jon or is Jon Webbo?  I need help (nothing new there)
  • I have the same problem as Carol when I try to submit first time. When I go back my password deletes itself and I have to log-in anew. It wasn't doing this until this evening.
  • I'm Carol but logged in as Tracy apparently and I have'nt logged in yet as I do this.
  • I'm Carol but logged in as Tracy apparently and I have'nt logged in yet as I do this- tried but got the white message page.
  • I had the Tracy problem when I logged in above the tread rather than at the top of the page and when I hadn't actually appeared to have got the submitted message accepted.
  • Jon is the name on the top of this thread, people! He is supposed to be sorting the website, but the identity problem has yet to be resolved. And odd things happen, due to a day and evening of sickness, I didn't visit again last night, but I am still logged in this morning, as me!
  • I hope you're feeling better Dorothy.
  • I'm having terrible problems, everytime I come onto Talkback after a time away. I go to add to a thread, and log in at the same time, but find I am apparently logged in as Tracy already. So I log out, then return to the thread I was about to add to and when I press the final submit I get the same logged in click back message as I posted yesterday, when I click it the second time it goes through under my correct name.
  • If Jon looks at the Definitely Tracy thread ... he will see the problems continue to build up.  Can you not do something about this identity thing, Jon, like removing everyone who has not posted for six months to cut down the amount of available names for the system to snatch and use?  There seems to be a serious gremlin here determined to make our lives difficult and us to retain our names, as well as our sanity!
  • Jon.  Before I logged on today I found I was already logged on as Tracy.  Logged out and got back in as myself.  This is bad news for Tracy, she has left us until after Christmas in the hope that her absence might make things better.  So far it hasn't.  I like Dorothy's idea of losing those who haven't posted for 6 months.  Might de-clutter the system.  Good luck.
  • Jon, did you know that Tracy isn't even listed in the Member's profiles.  I wanted to send her an email but she's not there.  What have you done with her?
  • Jon.  Have you seen Tracy's 'help me' thread.  The poor lass is getting fed up with these problems.
  • Back to the top!
  • [email protected] This is Webbo's email address. it might be worth sending the urgent problems to him directly rather than just hoping he sees the site. If they are marked as high priority hopefully it will bring action. I can't find any other 'website who to contact' details on the Writers News or Warners site. I just hope he is working over the next few days.
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