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How long to get WN/WM story competition results?

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  • For anyone who's ever won one (richt springs to mind), how long was it before you were advised you had won?
    I know they say  to wait two months from the closing date before submitting elsewhere, but I suspect the winners/runners up actually hear a while before that.
    I have submitted a story (Wheelchair) that hasn't reached the two months yet, but it has been more than a month and there is another competition I would like to send it to, that has a closing date before the two month deadline.
    Should I risk it, on the basis that I probably haven't been placed as I haven't heard yet?
  • Bringing this to the top.
  • Thanks Carol!
    It appears none of the previous winners are with us on TB today.
  • I entered the 'Washing Up' competition in February 2007 Writers' News.  The closing date was 15th March and I was notified of my win by email on 10th April.
  • Thanks montholon (and congrats on the win). I thought that would probably be the case. Looks like I'll be Ok sending it elsewhere then.
  • Good luck with it, Heather.  Don't give up on the Writers' News competitions, though.  I entered several with no success before getting onto the shortlist and I'm still over the moon about my win.  Not only that, the prize went a long way towards paying for my place at Swanwick in August.
  • Does anybody know how long it takes to have stories inserted on the Writers' News web-site? I was runner-up in the anonymous letter comp and although it said in the January magazine that my story was posted on the web-site, I cannot find it. I'm not brilliant at IT, so it could be me being dense.
  • Sorry, didn't see this when it first came up.

    I haven't actually measured it, but it seems to me that it usually takes about a month from the closing date to notify winners. I always enclose a stamped addressed envelope for return of my entry, and that usually comes back within two to three weeks if I haven't won or been shortlisted.

    Don't know about the web-site, Dreamer. I'm waiting for my January 2nd prize to appear. It seems to run a bit behind the magazine - the web site seems to be featuring the Falklands Story 2nd and 3rd winners which were announced in the December magazine.
  • Thank you for that richt. Are you the winner of the anon letter comp. by any chance? Your Talkback name seems similar....
    That story made me chuckle.Very clever!
  • Dreamer: my impression is that your piece should appear on the website at the same time the first prize winner for that competition appears in print. I've recently been a 2nd Prize winner too, and the impression I had from Richard Bell's correspondence was that my piece should be online in a couple of months' time, at the same time that the overall winner is due to be published. But I've no idea if it will actually happen on this timescale!
  • Dreamer - yes, that's me (blush). Thanks.

    amboline - I got a 2nd in the WM Picture Story comp. The winner was featured in Jan's magazine, but still waiting for mine to appear on the web-site. Looks like they are running at least a month behind.
  • Heather - a friend of mine heard about 2 - 3 weeks ago that she came second in the wheelchair competition, so I think you can safely assume you did not win a prize. Shortlisted entries don't get told, you just see your name in the mag, but these don't get published so it doesn't stop you submitting elsewhere.
  • Thanks Viv.
    As it's now 2 months since closing date I had assumed that anyway.
    Richt - your story is now on the website if you haven't seen it - haven't read it yet though!
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