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Not Tracy

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  • It says on my screen I am logged on as Tracy.  I am not Tracy, I am Lily and I don't know how I got logged on as someone else.
  • Hello Lily, this actually happens quite a lot. Log off and log in again, that should do the trick. 
  • If you log out and then log in again you'll probably go back to being you.  This happened to me and others earlier. We seem to be taking turns at being Tracy.
  • Now this really is Tracy, no really it is.

    Although none of this is my fault I feel compelled to tell all of you who are assuming my identity the problems I've been having.  I haven't been able to log on, finally was in email contact with Webbo this afternoon, he told me mine was the only account not working.  It seems it turned into a rather complicated issue trying to get me working again.  I manage to get back on the board to post only to find you've all been stealing my identity. ;-) 
    Webbo said, and I quote -  'there is definitely something unusual about your account.'  Basically, I think my account may have gremlins in it and now I'm back I bet you're all wishing I'd go away!  ;-)  
  • You're welcome, but could you leave the gremlins outside please?
  • Tracy, just for the week-end could you do us a favour and sign your name at the end of mails? That way we'll recognise you as you!
    Thanks x
  • Alternatively, sign for the gremlins.
  • It seems to occur the first time you go to sign in.
  • Welcome back!
  • That happened to me a moment ago.  I hadn't actually signed in but TB was happy to allow me to masquerade as you.
  • It happened to me this morning as well.  How many of us have nicked Tracy's identity?
  • Not guilty ladies. Though I read in another thread that someone logged in as me. I've never logged in as someone else.
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