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New Low in Advertising

edited December 2006 in - Reading


  • This evening I saw an ad on telly for a cleaning product. (for Aussie Talkbackers, it's for "Easy Off Bam") I do not know who in this world they are aiming their advertising at - I'm assuming though, it must be for the illiterate amongst us - this is an excerpt of what one of the female actors said: "...I sprayed it on and the dirt come off real easy..."

    I'd like to know who was paid to come up with THAT little piece of grammatical brilliance! I hope he/she didn't get a Christmas bonus in their pay packet.
  • Either that or the advertising exec who came up with it isn't very bright!!
  • It's possible they want loads of people to complain about the ad on the principle there's no such thing as bad publicity!
  • It annoys me when they don't spell certain words correctly. For example 'quick' is 'kwik', and for the life of me I can't think of any others.
  • Fones Plus, Pool Werks, Drive Thru, Toys R Us, Shoo Shop...shall I go on?
  • If an advertisement makes me really mad, I don't complain to the advertising council (or whatever the industry body is called).  I email the firm directly.  One particulary bad one was advertising Australian lamb and the actor (actually a dom -dirty old man) made disparaging remarks about Australian women.  I emailed the Australian lamb producers and advised them to remember who usually buys lamb for the family.  I didn't get a reply but the ad did not come on TV again to my knowledge.
  • Good on you Jaycee. Hit them where it hurts in their profit margins. Word of mouth bad publicity has as much effect.
  • Good on you Jaycee!
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