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Site problems

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  • Hello everybody,
    thank you for your patience with Talkback today. I have made some changes this morning, which seemed to improve the situation, and I have not been able to make the problem recur since (...the first step of solving it!)
    If you are still having problems navigating Talkback, please make sure your cache is empty, and then return to Talkback through the "front door" (www.writersnews.co.uk) rather than through a Favourites link or shortcut.
    I think you might need to: log out entirely from Talkback, empty your browser cache (with another page, eg Google, visible on screen), quit, then relaunch your browser and log back in.
    Thanks again for bearing with me. I know how frustrating the problem is.
    Best wishes
  • Thanks, Webbo.  The problem seems to have cleared - before reading your post, I had just posted a message and found myself back on the 'all categories' listing, rather than with a blank screen as before...without having to resort to any of your suggested solutions!  Nice to be up and running again properly.
  • Whatever you've done Webbo has worked, I've just submitted to a thread and after the final submit, come back to the list page as normal.Thanks.
  • Why change to the need for a password it seemed to work O.K. before
  • Er... without Webbo hearing, (don't want to reveal my ignorance) can someone whisper what emptying my cache means?
  • Morning Betsie,

    It's a bit like your shopping trolley, when you meander the aisles selecting items of appeal. There is only so much you can collect before your trolley is full.

    Thus, when we access the internet, browse snippets of interest, copy/paste, etc., all activities collect in a cache (basket?) so that we can back-track at our whim to review our journey. You may imagine how clogged this space can become.

    The easiest way of emptying your cache is to exit the internet. By returning to your own desktop, your computer discards all information from your past browsings. When next you connect your computer to the internet, it's like starting a new shopping spree with an empty trolly.
  • I see... thank you. 
  • Do you really, Betsie, because I'm not sure I do!
  • You can also do it from tools while on the net. select tools on the top task bar Tools - internet Options - You will see three areas: Home Page , Temporary Internet Files and History. You need to click on delet cookies in internet files area - click ok to delete temporary files then go down to History: click clear history which will clear site addresses etc. Then click on ok. This is a quicker way to clean up your browser cache.

    However Webbo, this is still happening and is getting really anoying now.
  • I'm still having to click Back to get to the Categories. If I go forward, I get the white page.
  • I've just got back from being away since Friday pm, and so far I haven't had any problems, but you can probably expect that to be a sure fire signal for mine to go wrong. But okay at the moment.
  • Me too - I did find that I couldn't log on tot he normal login box, but if I went in when replying to a message I could get in and it seemed much better. But as you say at the moment all day has been shhh okay. Thank you Webbo for what ever it is you've done.
  • For several days I have thought contributions were disappearing from some threads.
    Now I cannot find certain threads that I know exist.

    "The Earl's biography-progress report" seems to be missing but if I look on my own profile it appears in the history of my postings. Equally, "Stan-What news about Maureen" is in my history, when I posted on the 29/10/2006 but is not listed in the date order of postings.

    Is it just me or can others confirm missing posts?
  • Hi Webbo, I've just come back to discover the site problem you mentioned. This is very hard to navigate! I've tried what you suggested but everytime I open Talkback (by whatever means) I get the All Categories thingy coming to the fore. Are you still having problems with it or is it just me, now?
  • I also get the All Categories pages. Have we written so much that Talkback has imploded?!!
  • The "Category list" page was causing trouble. To get the site running as quickly as possible and cause least disruption to everyone's chat, I diverted traffic around it.
    If the All Categories page is too daunting, the pull down menu at the top right will still display entries in separate categories.
    Best wishes
  • I must be really unobservant - I didn't realise there's always been an All Categories section!
  • Apologies Webbo - I should have said thanks for all your efforts to sort things out!
  • Thanks for the explianation Webbo. I was begining to think it was me going mad. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us all up and talking.
  • Even though it's not as easy to get around now, at least we still have access to Talkback. Is this going to be a permanent thing or is it something you're still working on? Thanks anyway for keeping us connected, Webbo.
  • Amboline - Have you tried clicking on Back until you return to the All Categories page? Clicking on Refresh should bring the posts up-to-date.
  • I'm beginning to like using the All Categories page!
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