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Who's in October's magazines?

edited September 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Who's in October's magazines? From a quick look at Writers' News, quite a few Talkback members. Come on, tell us what page you're on!
  • Page 28,Words from the WN website. Dane is very impressed that his author choices are in the magazine.
    There's a good selection of Talkbackers featured this month, including Morbid Maiden in the members news spot.
  • Yes! I'm on p46 of WM re: book prizes. First piece if fiction ever in print.
  • Yup, looks like I'm in there. (: Made my day after a terrible morning at work.
  • And Amboline!!
  • nenastew5, You are in WM too. Your letter about the problems of buying WM in Australia is on P11.Well done!
  • Well done to everyone who appears.
  • Well done Talkbackers!
  • I've just recieved my WN and have scanned it quickly but will now look out all you wonderful people. Well done.
  • Well done to everyone mentioned.
  • I've made my debut appearance on page 46, I won the "journey to work" mini-competition. The first time i've ever won anything! Hooray!
  • Well done folks!
  • Well done Nicolek, you're on your way!
  • I'm at the bottom of page 9 - 'friendship sonnet', also on the website.  Sadly, there's a misprint on line 7.  For those of you who read it, the word should be 'offer', not 'off', which makes no sense.
  • Good for you Nicolek, well done :)
  • Well done all Talbackers! What would the editor do without us?
  • Only just read the letters page in WM, and saw my name mentioned on page 10 (briefly... section).  Looks like I upset someone.  Oops.
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