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Self-Publishing Guide

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  • I wonder what you feel about the self-publishing competition? This is asked because,having just read Part 2 of the excellent bookleton self-publishing, I have misgivings about fairness.At the bottom of page 13, the 'Voyage of the Arctic Tern' by Hugh Montgomery is given as a success, as he won the first self-publishing award. What was not mentioned was that Hugh spent £30,000 on the publication, with £15,000 going to his illustrator! No wonder he won! I suggest that to have a level playing field for us less wealthy writers, there should be a limit on production costs, obviously taking into account illustrations for the children's market. Your views should be interesting.
  • It is no secret that the mainstream publishers achieve their colossal sales figures by the colossal amount of money they put into marketing selected books.  This is a fact of our twenty-first literary life, and much as I would like to fight it, I have no idea where to begin.

    Self-publishing requires not only plenty of cash but also oodles of personal energy and time. There are various co-operatives of self-publishers, but even so the
        end result equals money+calories squared.
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