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Appeal to Webbo

edited September 2006 in - WM and WN


  • It appears that faulty copy has been submitted, because the misprint in my sonnet 'To my writing partner' also appeared on the Swanwick website www.wss.org.uk.  That has now been corrected by the Swanwick webmaster.  Would it be possible to correct it on this site too and to ensure that the same mistake doesn't appear again if my sonnet is printed in WN or WM? 
  • Sorry, I should have added that the misprint is on line 7.  The word should be 'offer', not 'off', which makes no sense.
  • Hello Montholon,
    I have corrected the error.
    Best wishes
  • I'm sorry, Montholon, I've looked on the site and I can't find it.
  • Thanks, Webbo.  I really appreciate your prompt response.  Taffeta P, you'll find my poem via Competitions>Past winners>2006 Swanwick competition and then click on 'To my Writing Partner'.  I hope you find it worth the effort.

    Maggie aka Montholon
  • Hey!  Found it - that was sweet!  Especially liked the last line!
  • Thanks, Taff.  I've been told that it was the last line that clinched it for me.
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