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Silly Time Observation

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  • I know this is a totally ridiculous thing to say (having another blonde moment - seem to have been having quite a lot lately - or is that grey?) but I keep finding it strange when the 'latest posting' time keeps coming up with the UK time. Yes, I know it's an English website but when I'm tap, tap, tapping away at what..? 1:53am in the morning (Aussie time) I keep getting taken aback when the posting time comes up with something totally different.  There, told you it was going to be silly. Bet you'll believe me next time! Good Lord, I need some sleep.
  • It's not silly. I've noticed it on my blog site too. It is an American site and although I write around between 8 am - 12 noon, the site often says 4am. It is weird. I changed the time on the site to UK Maridian but it hasn't changed. It is very anoying isn't it.
  • It would be really confusing if the time shown on Talkback depended on where the message originated!!
  • We're getting used to our Australian friends on the board appearing at UK time, so we know that they are usually posting either early evening, during the night or early morning there.
  • Are you sure it's not GMT? At the moment, we're on BST (British Summer Time). It's the time zone known/standard throughout the world, and it's meant to avoid confusion.
  • Ah! That's probably where I've gone wrong. I'll take a look at it and rectify if I can remember how I changed it in the first place!!
  • I'm going bonkers! No, it's UK time, not GMT. It's another site that shows the time in GMT.
  • Of course you're right, Jenny. It can't be any other way. But you know what I mean when, for a micro-second, something just doesn't look quite right?
  • Butterfly -
    meridian -- circle of the earth passing through poles.  (small m.)
    I think all that is explained by Dava Sobel in  her book Longitude, but it is some time since I read it.
    Regards, Patty
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