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  • I am seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription. I have read these magazines for several years and kept them. Last week I thought I would clear them out and when I re-read some of them it is obvious that similar articles are being churned out year after year. This may be useful for new subscribers, but to me it is a boring read nowadays.
  • You should be able to subscribe to WN seperately, so you don't miss the markets info. But as said articles do need to get recycled for newbies.
  • I've kept every one of mine since I started subscribing about ten years ago.  I've never got bored, even if the same thing has been repeated, simply because sometimes, we all need reminding of the most obvious things.  It spurs me on, getting my copies each month (and if I've been slacking, it makes me feel guilty enough to get my bum into gear again).
  • If the scriptwriting articles have gone for good (there wasn't one this month) I might also continue to subsribe to WN but not WM. I'd still keep a look out for WM on the shelves though, and buy it when there are specific articles that appeal.  I can see the magazine has to tread a fine to keep both beginers and more experienced writers happy.  The magazine was a huge help to me when I was starting off.
  • Surely if you subscribe to WN you get WM for free, anyway?
  • Do you?  I thought there was a reduced price to just get WN, but perhaps I'm mistaken.  I'll look into it.
  • I've just had a look, myself, and it seems you're right, but it was always the case before, I'm sure, that if you subscribed to WN then you got WM for free.  Perhaps that's changed now WM is monthly, as well...

  • I've just clicked to the left of the screen (Subscriptions) you can subscribe jointly (receive both mags) or just WN £25.
  • As far as I remember, if you subscribed to WN you got WM free, but then there were changes and subscriptions started to go up, then WM became monthly, and the increased subscription covered this. They also introduced the reduced cost individual subscriptions- started getting pushed heavily this last year.
    Presumably it is all to do with the inevitable changes that magazine owners are constantly bringing in to keep up to date and fresh, and hopefully increase their market share.
  • Thanks for that TP, Betsie and Carol.  After subcribing to WN it works out to be an additional £17 for WM, which doesn't seem very much - less than £1.50 per month.  So I'll keep subscribing to both.  I'm still hoping the monthly scriptwriting features will be back though.
  • I keep copies of WM for two years, then, at the end of each year, I go through the earlier issues, take out articles I think are useful to keep and put them into a file.  I do a similar weeding out process for WN, making notes of any suitable markets or writing competitions.  Yes, I noticed that some articles are repeated, but aren't they updated when they are published again? 
  • Thanks for all your comments, I didn't realise it is possible to subsribe to Writers' News only. Maybe I should do that. I do however think that in the last few months the content of both has been quite boring, in fact there are numerous mentions of things that are said on here, which makes me think they are using Talkback as a means of filling some of the space in the magazines - which means we are writing for nothing if our comments are being used.
  • True, but consider how influential that makes us, that what we think is important or interesting so could be as equally important to all those other readers.
  • Writers are supposed to make waves - ask Homer.  Don't worry, they need us out there, whether we are paid or unpaid. 
    If we didn't subscribe to WN we wouldn't be entitled to say anything on Talkback, so the choice and the free platform are ours.
  • I've learnt a lot and had a lot of entertainment from WN and WM over the years. I don't begrudge them a bit of free material!
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