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Reading the categories

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  • Does anyone else feel confused when reading the list of eleven categories?  For a start, they all begin with a W, and most of them with the word 'writing'.  We know what we are doing, even if some of us (including me) are hazy about why we are doing it.  The list would be much easier to read if it were simplified into this –

    New members
    WN & WM

    That makes eleven, and the order on screen would still change with our postings.  There is one category missing, and that twelfth could take over the earthy feel of a book in our hands.  I do not mean just the audio, palm readers and mobile phones but also the gritty art of Film and TV scripts.  The slogging team-writers do not have a corner of Talkback for their own chatting.
    Perhaps we could take a vote on a clearer list of twelve categories?
  • I agree with you Luckypen - let's not degenerate to the proverbial goss.  You can do that anywhere.  I'd like to think this site is for constructive thoughts and exchanges about writing.  I don't worry about the categories I just click on the 'All Categories' option and then you get a list of the latest posts.
  • I know we've discussed this before under the "categories" thread, but didn't really resolve anything.  I too click on "all categories" to check what's been posted since my last visit, but when posting a thread myself I find the number of categories confusing.  Personally I still think things could be streamlined a bit. Yes we do sometimes chat about subjects other than writing, so a writer's world category is useful. However some of the others could be combined, e.g the queries and problems; the tales and successes.  Also possibly the exercises category could include  the consequences games instead of them being in a separate "writer's break" category. I'd vote for less categories rather than more.
  • I don't mind that the word 'Writing' heads most of the categories. Mind, if it wasn't there you could save time when reading the list. Possibly even as much as a second.
  • I like Betsie, and others, click 'all categories'. Happy writing everyone!
  • Agree with most responses to this. Besides, there are no separate sections for novel writing, non-fiction writing, short story writing etc. Why should film/tv scripts be different?
  • Re. the Film/TV scriptwriting

    I don't think the writing itself is any less strenuous than interminable novels or trying to make a living from magazine work.  But the physical circumstances of getting the words to make sense are very different.
    In prose writing you are usually (or try to be) sitting alone at a desk, and you sink or swim by the quality of what you produce.
    But TV script and film writers... you ask them.
  • The experience of trying to break into scriptwriting is much the same (for me anyway). You work alone and sink or swim on the quality of your work until someone takes an interest and you get your break. Then the process of writing becomes collaborative.
  • I meant to add, I was unhappy to find there was no scriptwriting article in the current WM, as I mentioned on another thread.  I hope the feature will be back next month and it hasn't been dropped in the WM makeover.
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