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Competition Entry vouchers

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  • Is there anywhere on this website where I can buy more competition vouchers? if not, who should I email or call?

    They are mentioned in the competition rules, but with no details of where or who to go to, to buy them.

  • Do you mean the IRC's? (in case you didn't know it stands for International Reply Coupon, I hope I'm right) Have you tried your local post office? 
  • No not the IRC's (I won't even attempt to start talking about the saga of trying to obtain those!!), I mean the competition entry vouchers you can get from the David Thomas Charitable Trust. You can pay for them by credit card. I just wondered if there was a quick way on line of buying them.

  • Miranda - You could try emailing Webbo (He-Who-Knows-Everything!).

    If you click on his little face at the top of this page, you'll get a bigger version of him with a "Contact me by email" link over his head.
  • Hi Miranda - I've just tried to buy some too.  I finally rang the mag who transferred me to the Charity department who took my name and adress with a promise to send me details of how to buy some.  Bit of a convoluted process.  I'll let you know the outcome.
  • Thanks for your responses. I thought I would try a different method. I have emailed the DSJT email address on the competitions page and asked there. I will let you know what happens!
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