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Made the top ten!

edited August 2006 in - Writing Tales


  • Well, A top ten.

    I posted elsehwere about EJ Knapp and his dire need to raise cash in a hurry to save his car (he's on disability and can't get around otherwise, and the finance company are set to repossess) - see his blog for details - http://www.ejknapp.com/OnlyOnSunday/2006/08/02/when-the-going-gets-weird/admin/

    ANYway, to get to the point, he's sold over 500 stories so far, and I'm 6th best seller.

  • Care to push me up a little higher by visiting the site and buying a few stories? Only $2 each, just over a quid... what else would you spend it on? :)
  • Hi Tessa.

    Go to the stories page at http://www.ejknapp.com/1500.htm

    Click any story title you're interested in, you'll see a sample paragraph, an 'add to cart' button and a download button.

    EJ's working on a trust system, so you just add the stories to the cart that you want (or, as many people are doing, buying multiple copies of one story) then, when you've paid, download the stories you want.
  • Going better for me than poor EJ!

    While I'm announcing and generally feeling too big for my own boots, I've also just finished a revamp of Bonnie Shimko's website - the development version is at http://www.ktf-design.com/bonnie/ if anyone wants to look.
  • Congratulations Mike for you and your friend!
  • well done to you Mike and EJ :O)

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