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'Your writing made me think'

edited August 2006 in - Writing Tales


  • 'Your writing certainly made me think - and isn't that what it's about?  I can't imagine any greater acolade to a writer - you made me think about the kind of literature I read. We all have pretty set ideas I think when it comes to the what we read, some of it probably comes from our childhood, what our parents read, friends that kind of thing - its not until something is thrown in your path that is uknown that we start to ask why we read what we do. At least that how I see it - I've certainly picked up some other gay authors (which I wouldn't necessarily have done before reading Precipce.'

    E-mail received by me.
  • Please do!
  • You know that your work does mean something, very rewarding.
  • Well done Jay!
  • TT - I'm not sure if a mainstream publisher would be interested. Then there's loyalty. And I can't promise to write a book a year - I've written very little since last October.
  • Congrats
  • That's lovely, Jay, it must be an incredible feeling to know that you've had a positive influence on someone.
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