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  • I was unable to log on to the site for several hours today, although other sites were unaffected. Was it just me? I can see that there have been several posts during the time I was locked out.
  • I tried before and after going out and couldn't get the site online until just now, so it wasn't just picking on you!

    There must be a technical reason why it affected some people and not others.
  • I was trying regularly until I had to go out at 11.30, but just got a blank page. When I got back and tried again I got a page could not be displayed message.
    This time it came up straightaway. So there must have been a problem or some maintenance being done.
  • I was the same, just a blank page.  However, I went into Google and put up Writer's News clicked on the link there and got in! Maybe you can try that the next time.
  • That works sometimes but not today.

    Hands up - who broke the Writers News site?!!!
  • Hi everyone,
    sorry about that. We had a technical fault which puzzled us for a while, but we've got it sorted now!
    Best wishes
  • I had that problem yesterday, it was on and off all day.
  • Probably didn't effect you-  probably happened after you were offline, but the rest of us were just starting our Talkback day. Not sure what the time difference is between UK and W.Australia.
  • I had trouble as well, I think it was Monday that I couldn't get on. I felt lost without it (sad I know) , and I missed talking.
  • I agree Kangeroo, I thought about not being able to talk to my friends for a whole day- it's a nightmare.
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