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My second online article

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  • Just to let you know my 'How To' article on school uniform tips is up on the www.mymagz.net site.
    It's a short piece. Hope you think it's okay and useful.
  • Congratulations!
  • Whoo,hoo!
  • Carol,
    I scrolled through about a dozen pages of mymagz.net but I couldn't find your article. However the magazine seems to have a good base for the future (so many fold quickly).  Well done.
  • Sorry Patty I should have told you it's the 'How To' item, my first one is the ''Tax on Rubbish item in the side bar index.
    The site is developing as it goes, so some items will be there for a while and others a shorter time.
  • Congratulations Carol!
  • Carol - What a useful article for anyone with school age children. You've covered so many aspects of uniform buying!
  • For me this is the last year with Primary school uniform; next summer I will be kitting out all three younger boys for their first year at Comprehensive school.
    At least TT you don't have to do the shopping for your youngest now. You can sit back and let them do the hard work!
  • Well done :O)

  • Well done and keep it going.
  • Well done, that is brilliant!
  • Thanks MM.
    I've decided on the subject for my next article- automatic answer systems that you get put onto when you phone companies up, possibly even mentioning call centres.
    I had to ring up a company yesterday for a spare part for my steam cleaner, and it all came to me while I was hung on the phone waiting, listening to dreadful music and the automatic message every sixty seconds. (SCREAMS!!!!)
  • Oh  Carol don't get us all started on that one!  It would probably beat stan's record of posts.  It is the most infuriating thing.  Good luck in writing it.
  • Carol, do you watch Big Brother?  They are currently driving housemates mad with an automated system to replace "Big Brother" while he's on "holiday." 
  • I don't usually watch BB, but I will drop into it to see this system in action. Thanks.
  • Carol, I watched last night, but there were much better instances of the system driving people mad the day before.  There was a funny bit where Suzie was trying to nominate to "automated BB" in the diary room - they put her on hold for 30 mins and she was furious! They have clips on the BB wesite, I would think it's on there as it was so funny.  Might be worth a look. 
  • www.channel4.com/bigbrother
  • Thanks for that info. I'll have a look.
    Also I'm going to put on a new thread as I want Talkbackers suggestions of annoying company answer systems.
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