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I nearly gave up but those ideas are too strong!

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  • I have always wanted to succeed in writing and write 20,000+ words.  Unfortunately another idea, which seems better pops into my head and I begin to write that one instead leaving the original one to the side.
    In the end I got sick and tired of it happening and so nearly gave up.
    So over the past few weeks I have not spent much time writing.
    Instead of writing a story straight onto my PC I have been writing pieces for a story by hand, which are to be placed in different areas.  eg:  I had only written the beginning of Chapter One, when I wrote the beginning of Chapter Two.
    Writing pieces to be placed in different areas have certainly been a different experience of writing for me but I believe that if I continue the process I will have more success in completing a full novel, no matter how long it takes!!
    Having breaks from writing certainly brings a lot of strong ideas for your story in mind.
    I think you just need to take your time and stay positive+!! 
  • So agree with nenastew.
    I have pages of stuff, odd scenes, parts of chapters written down. When they occur I write them until all that info has been written out and my brain is clear again.
    If I don't do that, apart from forgetting relevant bits, it blocks me from getting on with what I'm currently working on.
    Once it's written, you will always be able to go back to it, even years later, and pick it up again.
  • There is nothing more annoying than having an inspiring thought that magically flows, then being unable to repeat it on "paper" at the appropriate scene in the plot.

    Write your creation in any order and at any time/speed. Enjoy that flow of ideas, the satisfaction of having composed little snippets, savour the growing bulk. Eventually you will know the thrill of arranging everything into ordered portrayal for reading.
  • I agree about writing scenes down when you think of them, regardless of where they fall in the narrative. I know I have a terrible memory, and would never remember the wording I wanted if I left ideas unwritten for ages.

    But also, you may find that you have a great idea for a scene, say, in chapter four, and write it down, and by the time you get to chapter four there have been unforseen developments with plot or characters and now the scene you wrote doesn't fit. Don't worry about this - it happens to me all the time. It's frustrating if you've written a great scene and then can't use it, but you could always plunder ideas, or bits of conversation from it for re-use elsewhere. Just don't think that because you've written this scene for three chapters ahead, that you have to slavishly stick to the plot in order to make it fit. That rarely works for me, and just stilts the intervening writing.
  • I know exactly what you mean about strong ideas! What I try, and there is a big emphasise on the TRY here, is divide my writing time into slots. Concentrate on one story for a strict hour then move onto my other project. Although it doesn't always work well...sometimes my ideas for one story is stronger that the other, so I end up spending all night on one when I had originaly planned to only spend an hour! If I have any ideas that I believe would slot in somewhere, but where yet I'm not sure I jot them down in a notebook. It is fastinating to know that so many of us share the same little habbits!
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