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So who's in Writers' News this month (August)?

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  • Anyone got a mention in Writers' News or Writing Magazine - August edition?
  • Yes, interesting letter, Dorothy. Just read it. A refreshing take actually on the subject of notebooks - especially when you hear of others on this site whose lives seem to be awash with them!
  • I got the tiny mention as I suggested the latest survey question.
  • Carol - A tiny mention is better than none!
  • Precisely, Jenny. Good to see your letter Dorothy.
  • Congrats Dorothy - good piece
  • I am in August Writers News twice! Shortlisted in the weather poem competition, and my first advert is in there for my new short story critiquing service. The first gave me a thrill, especially as a couple of lines of my poem were quoted in the judging article (mine was the one comparing the changing weather to the different stitches on a sampler). The second just makes me worry in case I get no customers!
  • That last post was from me, but strangely it doesn't have my name against it - well, not on my screen anyway!
  • Well done Viv.
  • You definately appear as Viv next to your messages on my screen. Talkback is obviously getting overheated in this hot weather!
  • And as VIv on mine too.
  • I mean Viv - the too hot sun is confusing my brain or should that be brian?
  • Well done, everyone. (I'm trying not to sound like Mr Grace. Does anyone else always think of drat-drat-drat what's it called? when the lift doors of a department store tell you they're closing?)
  • "Are you being served" - a sitcom of many catchphrases!!
  • Never mind who, there's an irritating WHAT on page 25.

    At the end of "£100 short story prize". After all the shared grief that has been posted on Talkback the DSJT Charitable Trust is still quoting "(overseas entrants should enclose two International Reply Coupons)."

    Does everybody at the magazine suffer short-term memory loss?
  • I've only just got my WM/WN this month, as I had to wait for my mum to send it to me, but I'm on the letters page (Back to basics, page 11).  I'm quite chuffed with that :o)
  • Well done TP, it was worth waiting for.
  • Well done TP.
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