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  • For all of you who have been helping me get my Word documents sorted out, you can see my longer article More Taxes on Rubbish. It's on www.mymagz.net - some pages are still under construction, and at the end of my article I did have relevant websites, but they were causing problems because there were no hyperlinks, so got removed.
    Do give me your opinions, and if you like what you see on the site generally, do let the editor know.
    This is the first issue, so feedback will be gratefully received by us all. Thanks- and you can be honest with me.
  • To be honest, Carol, it's not my kind of thing. But if it helps, we have a green bin for paper, a red one for bottles, a brown one for garden waste, and a big pile of black plastic bags out by the alleyway every tuesday morning when the household refuse is collected - we don't even have bins for it any more.

    Amusingly they refused to collect our glass this morning because it wasn't touching the boundary of our property, it was sitting a good two inches away from that line. The horror!
  • Thanks Troo. I see the problem gets worse outside our region.
    Did you consider it readable?
  • Oh, absolutely :D

    Sorry, I realise my initial response was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard ;)
  • No worry. I have had another idea just from you telling me you have a red bin. I wonder if the bin makers have a league table of the colours? I can see some research coming on. Might make a filler for somewhere.
    If anyone else wants to read the article and tell me what they think of my writing or even what colour bins they have, I'll welcome them.
  • Interesting site Carol though I think it feels just for Nottingham folk, me duck. You'll only be able to judge reaction by the number of hits I suppose. Your recycling piece was interesting. How many bins are we going to have outside our houses!! In Yorkshire we have a black wheelie bin for general rubbish and a green bin for plastic, paper and tins. Glass has to be transported by us in the car - huge number of bottles and very embarressing. Not my booze obviously.
  • At the moment it will be locally based, and this is the first issue. Space is limited, but I know the editor is looking at a year before he  hopes to expand.
    Rubbish and its disposal causes heated debate in Nottingham and the surrounding area, as there are a lot of proposals for incinerators.
    I've become fascinated by the bin issues.
    I  think most authorities will move toward two or three bins eventually. Unfortunately not everyone needs them or has the space.
    Thanks for your comments Flick, much appreciated.
  • You may not realise, introduction of "sorted" waste bin collections is a central government initiative. Every local authority is supposed to have their recycling systems in operation by a set date or risk financial penalty.
  • That is interesting Jan. All we tend to hear about is the target figures set for each local authority.
    I'm sure there are some parts of the country that may be using the old system. My mother-in-law lives near Huddersfield, and they still have their own rubbish bins emptied, but they do collect paper in a bag.
    Amboline, thanks for that info. We have recently had a court case (somewhere in the country)and the woman's council took her to Court for contaminating recyclable waste, after warnings.
    She denied it was her, and she was eventually cleared because the Council had not proved it was her doing it, and not other unknown people.
  • As the site is a limited size, and simple it doesn't have hyperlinks available yet. Just having the web addresses on the page interfered with the whole site. I can't remember what phrase the editor used, but it almost crashed everything by having them there.
    My next article is already done, it's about getting ready for September, buying school uniforms etc if you've never done it before, it's a set of useful tips which save time and money. It's being used next month. I may recycle it for a magazine next year.
    It always helps to know someone who may know the answers to questions that boggle the mind of the less computer literate like me. Thanks.
  • Well written article Carol - great
  • Thanks Betsie. I don't do articles often.
    I find the rubbish/recycling issue always gets people talking. I had a short opinion piece published in our local newspaper last October, and I decided I wanted to go into it with more depth, so I started with this item.
    The website will become more general, but still have a local element.
    I now have to look through all my few ideas for my next subject, or see if there is a particular news issue that is creating discussion.
    But very reassuring that it is readable. Thanks
    And Luckypen I'll post a thread when the uniform item is up. It is very different from the current piece.
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