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Iwas upset this month :'(

edited July 2006 in - WM and WN


  • I didn't get my usual subscription of Writer's Magazine instead through the post I recieved Writers News.

    I don't know what to do about this mix-up.
  • Contact the WN/WM office?
  • Just email Webbo and he'll sort it out.
  • As said contact the office.  I did see that WM was giving a free copy of WN with this issue, as they were packaged together in plastic at W.H.Smiths.
  • Er ... don't they always come in pairs, now?
  • Don't think so.  Usually Writing Magazine is available at the newsagent.  Writers News on subscription only but you also get Writing Mag with it - if you sucscribe you get the two.
  • Do you think the postperson had something to do with it? Perhaps ask him/her next time he visits?
  • You can get Writing Magazine seperately. We recently bought a 12 month subscription for one of the Vice Presidents of our writers club for her 80th birthday.
    Many people have both, which obviously arrive together.
  • Hunting Unicorns, I've just realised that I'm in the same boat.  I've just got back from a few days away to find Writers News in the post and no Writing Magazine.  I'll give them a call on Monday.  Have you managed to find out what has happened yet?
  • The two magazines complement each other - it's not all the same information - and there are different competitions in Writers News.
  • 'Do you think the postperson had something to do with it?' - perhaps he/she is an aspiring writer. 
  • And thief?!!
  • Hunting Unicorns - I called subscriptions today and they said there had been a mess-up.  They took my details to get my WM sent out.  If you give them a call, I'm sure they'll do the same for you - tel: +44 (0)1778 392482.
  • I know it's pc, but postperson? Mind you, it has to be better than chair. If anyone called me a chair, I'd hit them over the head with it!
  • I usually refer to our postperson as 'postie' - it is mostly a lady and sometimes a man. Postie sounds better than postperson and covers both genders. Well, that's my delivery for today.
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