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Outlook - a miniature filofax/Microsoft Office

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  • Here is a tip before I log off to do some watering. If you want to type in story ideas, to do tasks, etc etc, use Outlook, also use it for booklists, appointments, contacts, the list is endless. Note down urgent assignments, you name it, notes to remind you to say collect something or a specific task, there is even a calendar,you can add categories to do with your creative writing.  Go on, give it a try, you will wonder what or how on earth you managed without it. When you have done it, the task etc, delete it. Bob's your uncle, Charlie is your aunt, byee, must log off now, see you soon
  • Thanks Woll52!
  • Yes Woll, it's great, I already use it.
  • I never use Outlook. It's got so many security loopholes that it practically begs to be hit by the next virus that comes along even if I don't open any attachments I wasn't expecting ;)
  • Oh dear - I didn't know that.
  • I use it all the time.  I have both Norton and a Firewall.  I also have a son who is an IT manager who set it up for me.  It always asks me about anything suspect.  My son also gave me a bit of advice which the lesser informed might not know about.  He advised me to get into the habit of using BCC (blind carbon copy) when sending e-mails and to let my address list know and ask them to do the same.  This is especially important if you send and receive a lot of jokes.  BCC stops the long list of previous recipients coming to your computer which is one of the commonest means of speading viruses as it allows the virus to read your address book and all those who send to you and their address book ad infinitum.  I hope this is of some help.
  • Outlook's lack of security is a myth - or at least it's a semi myth.

    It's no worse - or better - than Thunderbird, or any of the others. Same with the IE/FF issue - people use ff because someone once told them they'd never get a virus using it. Not so, I use both and the biggest hit I ever took (3 days to fix) was using firefox.

    In 5 years I've never had security problems with outlook, even running up to a dozen email accounts through it.
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