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You mean I have to go there????

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  • Why is it that whenever a new writer mentions research, information etc, yet another response to a web site appears.  Don't anyone walk, drive go anywhere to libraries, galleries, to meet real people anymore???
  • Apparently not.

    Sadly, I'm one of those who can't go everywhere as I don't have the resources.  I would if I could.
  • Well sometimes. It just depends on what stage I'm at. The people bit comes later in the process for me. I do go to the library, not as much as before, only when I want a very old book out of the basement. Usually one that hasn't seen the light of day for years.
    I got one book out, a few years ago now,and it hadn't been out of the bowels of the basement for 24 years!
    I will be going soon to temporarily rescue another three.
  • Get out there, feel it, breathe it, it don't have to be further than your local park, street.  There's a huge world out there.  Be a writer, not just a wanna be.
  • I am a writer, Sal - I do my research in any way possible, and it usually involves books, and plenty of people I'm privileged to call friends who have lots of relevant information :o)  I use my trips out to see them as my research, as many of them are musicians, which is where most of my research lies...
  • I've found phoning people who're in that line of business very useful. I usually say I've been doing a writer's course and could they spare five minutes to help. Most can.
  • Sal makes a very good point.

    Whilst there is nothing wrong with debating with friends, colleagues (Talkback) or searching from one's computer screen, physically moving and communicating with "strangers" in different environments, such as Parks, work-sites or libraries, actually provides gateways to avenues of thought previously missed.

    I have enjoyed occassions in County Archive offices. Staff familiar with their files and records get very excited about unearthing details to satisfy the query. Atmosphere becomes infectious. I was once introduced to knowledge of underground tunnels linking one building with others in different locations.

    Librarians can be fountains of knowledge, dragging volumes from goodness knows where, locating chapter and verse answers for posed query plus associated themes that I had not considered.

    Verbal and face-to-face interactions are dwindling activities that we writers should rectify, leading by example.
  • That's all right. We all have our little quirks, and maybe that's one of mine ... as well as "D'you" instead of "Do you" (my computer doesn't like it much).
  • And what's wrong with "who're" as a contraction for "who are"?
  • I had to look twice to see the little mark, as I read it first as whore!
  • I was more worried by Sal's - it don't
  • Yes, I find whores in that line of business very useful too ;)
  • I agree with Dorothy (even though I swore I'd never disagree with you, Sal, after your memorable Valentine's card posting!) I have to rely on the internet having very limited library access and no local English bookshops. Get out and about, yes, but the world wide web is a lifesaver for many.
  • After my wife of 40 years died last year I took to eatig out on a regular basis (luckily finance is not a problem). I choose lively restaurants specially on Friday & Saturday evenings. Many of my ideas come from observing or chatting to the a variety of people. My use of the web is imited as I want to write about people and their relatonships 
  • So sorry that you suffered such a loss. But I'm glad you are getting out into the world, and finding it so useful for your writing.
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