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  • Now I'm not sure if this post is contravening any site policy (I couldn't find anything that said it was a no-no, but if it is I apologise), so please don't beat me with a stick if it is...

    If there's anyone out there who'd be interested in contributing stories or articles to a new Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror e-zine, please drop me an email and I'll forward on our submissions guidelines.

    The idea behind the zine is to publish the work of talented amateurs alongside professionals to raise the profile of said amateurs and help many get their foot on the first rung of the ladder. No money is involved, whether in selling the e-zine or paying authors, so we can't offer pennies if that's what you're after.

    If, however, you'd like to be published alongside names such as Simon Clark, Michael Marshall Smith and DF Lewis (all confirmed for Issue One), and aren't fussed over cash, get in touch!


  • Hi Troo,
    I'd kill (well, maim perhaps) to be in a magazine alongside Simon Clark (who I met at a recent convention, he was very cool) and the other authors. I've emailed you from the website though, couldn't find an email address for you here. Like the website, some stories are already there, are they a preview or part of something else?
    How often are you planning to do the ezine?
    Sounds really good, look forward to  receiving the guidelines.
  • Me again, just had another look at the website, realise the stories are a showcase of your own work.
    Is it a magical toy shop or a magical toy-shop owner?
  • Ooo, I let this one drop to the bottom of the pile, didn't I?

    Pantechnicon (www.pantechnicon.net) is not a showcase of my own work. My personal website (www.troodler.co.uk) is, however.

    The eZine will be quarterly, and launches September 1st. If you pop over to to Pantechnicon (the site for which is now semi-open - the forums are open to noncontributors now, and we have our submission guidelines plastered over the front page).

    Hope that helps :)
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