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August's writing magazine/writers news mag

edited July 2006 in - WM and WN


  • does anyone know when the August issue of the magazine id out please?

    i am desperate to get my hands on it now, but in july's issue there is no mention of when the next months one is for sale.

    eagerly awaiting............ :)
  • Getting my copy by subscription, I usually find it arrives about the 12th of the month, and it is usually in W.H.Smith's around the same tiome, give or take a day.
  • Hi Mummymorts,
    Thank you Carol! The August issue is actually out on the 14th as the 12th is a Saturday.
    The information is on p39 of the July issue and is always displayed on p3.
    Best wishes
  • Oh dear, in that case, I've made a terrible mistake.  I whizzed through my last Writers' News, so treated myself to a copy of Writer's Forum, which I still haven't finished.  Then this morning Mslexia was delivered - I always lose track of when it's due.  Now it looks like Writers' News will be out soon and I'm getting way behind - as usual!  And that's on top of the books I haven't read, the last issue of Scribble, the OCD Action newsletter etc etc.  For some reason, having too big a pile of reading material sends me into a bit of a panic - probably something to do with my OCD, loss of control etc.  I need to stop buying stuff and stacking it up...or hide the unread material, so that it's not glowering at me from my bookshelves.  So much to read, so little time.  Better get off Talkback, then.
  • There's one place you're sure to read your magazines, Hippo - simply because there aren't any other distractions. And that's in the bathroom!!
  • oh yeah, here it is. right on page 3. d'oh!

    thank you webbo.

    am being a steriotypical blonde, true to my hair colour.
  • "ooh ooh!" (she says, jumping up and down childlike with excitement).

    three more days to go!
  • Um ... shouldn't it be out today? The 12th - of July - isn't a Saturday. And, before this goes wrong again, is there a problem with the site again?
  • Haven't had the post yet, will let you know if it turns up.
    Perhaps Webbo is over worked at the moment. Or a month ahead. August the 12th does fall on a Saturday.
    I think that explains it.
  • My magazines arrived in the post as expected. Perhaps Webbo has caught too much sunshine and has got his months muddled!
  • I always start to panic too and then realise that the closing dates for the competitions are months away.  Actually, I work better with tighter deadlines, but I read once that WN and WM allow so much time so that subscribers in remote parts of the world stand an equal chance of getting their entries in. Perhaps Webbo could confirm that?
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