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An encouraging rejection

edited July 2006 in - Writing Tales


  • Sounds like an oxymoron? Not really. Having had  standard rejection letters from 'The People's Friend' in the past, I was very encouraged this time by being told exactly where my story fell down.  Progress indeed! 
  • Indeed.  A good sign.
  • Good news indeed - keep trying you're nearly there.
  • You can do it montholon!
  • That is a good sign, most rejection letters don't give you a clue. Work on the points suggested and try again.
  • We look forward to reading your piece in People's Friend.
  • Not only is it a good sign, it's excellent that you're TAKING it as a good sign. I've seen far too many writers respond to non-standard rejection letters with howls of outrage at having their work "shredded" and "attacked". You'll do just fine, Mono :)
  • Thanks, everyone.  I'll keep you posted.
  • Yep alwasy good to have feedback :O)

    gary and Carol :O)
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