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Online story read by 100 people

edited July 2006 in - Writing Tales


  • My flash fiction piece, Camouflage, has been read by nearly 100 people. You'll find it (at the moment) at:

  • Sorry to be so dim, but what exactly is flash fiction?  Or shouldn't I ask?
  • Very short fiction. I don't think there's a hard and fast rule as to word length. Camouflage is no more than 200 words.
  • Jay,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I've only written one short story that was viable, but I imagine the usual magazine length of 1,500 words is too long for flash fiction?
    Regards, Patty
  • I think 1,500 would be too long. Usually it's 500 words or less
  • Great news, well done Jay. I'll go over there now and take a look. I've got to write a 150 word story for my Writers Group by Monday and I'm still scratching my head. Perhaps your success will give me inspiration.;)
  • Jay - is there a fee to register on Bewrite?
  • No fee for registering. And no fees for reading any novel you've got lying around.
    Camouflage has had over 100 hits so far. I probably won't be on the 'front page' much longer. If you look at the top right of BeWrite's home page , you'll see a list of categories. There are more of my stories under 'Gay & lesbian'.
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