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Poll results

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  • A big majority of respondents in the first <em>Writers’ News</em> website poll disapproved of the current glut of celebrity biographies.
    More than 85 percent of the writers who took part thought that celebrity books undermined publishing opportunities for other writers. As some of you will already have noticed, we have now launched a new poll - after a suggestion by Talkback user Carol - asking whether authors really need an agent.
    To take part, type your e-mail address in the light blue box in the sidebar, select your option and hit the Vote Now button.
    Best wishes
  • Thanks Webbo, it's good to know we reflected the wider opinion, and can safely say we aren't jealous grumps.
  • You couldn't do a poll in more depth, because it would turn into a survey, and need detailed conclusions.
    I feel to answer these polls you have to take the answer as-what your instinctive reaction to the question is.
    No one is forced to take part, and your reasons are your own and need no explanation.
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