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Help- having copy and paste problem

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  • Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to put it right.
    I am trying to paste some e-mails I have received into an e-mail I need to reply to (they can't be sent seperately or as attachments). I have gone through each one, highlighted it and clicked on copy, then gone onto the next one and so on. But when I paste, only the last one appears.
    So, do I have to do each one one at a time, and how do I avoid losing the message I've already put in when I go back and forward between the e-mails?
    It is urgent that I get these sent as soon as possible.Any help would be much appreciated.
  • If you minimise the email you're currently compiling, you can enlarge it when you're ready to paste the next extract into it.

    And then repeat the process!
  • Thanks Jenny. And Amboline, I'm not very competant with e-mail things. I can attach, move things from one box to another etc, but always have problems with pasting.
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