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Asking a big favour...

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  • My friend Martha's book has been doing well in the US, and the paperback is being launched over here, along with a poster campaign (see her blog - http://www.marthaoconnor.blogspot.com/ )

    Now for the favour - she's over there,
    we (well some of us) are over here. If anyone spots a poster - and if possible manages to take a picture showing the location - I'd be grateful and she'd get a major buzz out of it.

    You can email me at [email protected]
  • What sort of book is it- genre wise. That often reflects where it turns up in our city.
  • It's probably best categorised as (and I think is being marketed as) chick-lit, but it's darker than that with a hard edge to it.
  • If I spot one I'll take a picture :O)

    I would think the posters would mainly appear in london bookshops for starters? I'll start checking our local bookshops too and ask a few shop managers if they might know somthing :O)

    And good luck to her to :O)

  • many thanks, Gary. One of the ones in the pictures on her blog is in Edinburgh Railway Station. I've seen the book on sale in WH Smith at Victoria, so I'm guessing they may show up in similar venues.
  • Mike

    I am looking all over my area, it seems to be mainly BBC 1 adverts in the bus shelters round Maidstone and havent seen her book nor a poster in our local shops yet :O| sure they'll turn up soon :O)

    But we're still trying :O) mobile phone at the ready :O)

    Have you or others had any success yet?

  • Realistically the company who is marketing the book should know the location of every bus-stop it goes up at (they are all uniquely numbered and kept track of by the company leasing the ad space).

    Therefore if she can ask her publisher the location of some of these bus stops, we can go there and take shots :)
  • I've kept looking but seen no posters in my area -Leeds/Bradford but I did see her book and bought it along with 'Dairy of a Married Call girl' by Tracy Quan. I thought it would be interesting to compare the two as they were side by side in Tesco. (Sorry but I always buy my books from the cheapest source regardless) I hated the Quan book. It was a struggle to finish it. Really boring and confusing. Martha's book on the other hand is excellent. Very well written, poetic language, interesting characters and I'm only 100 pages in!!
  • Goodluck!
  • Dairy of a Married Call Girl? That's by Moo Cow isn't it?
  • What a brilliant slip!
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