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A reminder not to use offensive language

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  • Hello everyone,
    Following a couple of recent postings, I would like to remind Talkback users that we will not tolerate offensive language in the forum.
    I quote from the Acceptable Use Policy:
    'Bad language or threatening behaviour is not acceptable. Postings containing any language likely to offend other readers will be deleted. This also applies to any messages containing offensive statements relating to sexual orientation, race, religion or other factors having no relevance to the subject.'
    Thank you,
  • Can we use asterisks instead of four letter words?
  • I hope I haven't used any. Trouble is, my books are full of naughty words. How bad can we be? What is forbidden? It's difficult to know what we can't use unless you are specific?  I can see that certain words might offend people's sense of propriety and I don't swear (much) when I'm speaking but written words of any sort have never offended me.
    Personally, I don't see that any word is offensive. What's the big issue?
  • Hello Jenny,
    We will tolerate use of asterisks within, for example, stories posted for critique.
    We would like to think that as intelligent writers, Talkback users can express themselves fully without resorting to swear words.
  • I once typed the word 'spoof' on the Friends Reunited message board (referring to a TV sketch) and was surprised to see it appear as  s**** - thanks to their automatic censoring system!
  • I suppose that Webbo has to take writers of your mother's age into consideration. :-)
  • Sorry Webbo, if I was one of the guilty parties.  Mea culpa. Et nunc et semper.
  • I couldn't resist it.  Blame it on Ben Schott's 'Original Miscellany'.  Now, that is an excellent reference book!
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