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  • Hello everybody,
    As some of you have already noticed, we have added a new feature to the sidebar, asking for Your Vote on this month's hot topic – do celebrity books undermine publishing opportunities for writers?
    We will be changing the question in a couple of weeks, when we will also announce the results of this poll.
    Thanks for taking part,
  • Webbo - glad you mentioned the poll. I'm one of the less observant people who didn't notice it on the sidebar!
  • Already voted :o)
  • I didn't see it either until Webbo mentioned it. Of course I immediately voted.
  • Webbo, what are you hoping to get from these polls? I'm curious.
  • Hi everyone,
    Kangaroo, we simply wanted to find out how subscribers feel about issues in publishing issues, and what interests you. We also wanted to introduce another element of interactivity to the site, and would welcome suggestions for future poll questions.
    We hope to change the question every fortnight or so, and to report some results in the magazine and some on the website. No user information is tracked, just the quantity of Yes and No votes.
    Anyway, we understand that a lot of people like polls!
    Best wishes
  • Webbo - should you have a poll on whether people like polls?
  • Thankyou Webbo!
  • Although I joined in, not sure that poll is such a good idea Webbo, if you don't mind me saying.  It does not tell ME/Talkbackers much.  can I suggest instead, a poll of most popular thread of the month, something we are all involved with- or,the comment that draws Talkback debate of the month.  What do others think?
  • I'm with Sal, there.  I voted, but people will vote with different reasoning as to their 'yes' or 'no'.  Mind you, that's the simplicity of a poll. 
  • Actually after Flick's recent problems, and Dorothy's run in with a New York broad. Perhaps I should suggest to Webbo that the next poll he should consider running is: Agents-do you really need one?
    We know we can't get them, but do we really need them?
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