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Flashes - I think I have to scream now!

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  • I suppose it was inevitable really.  Jordan is writing (cough) a novel.  She talks, according to this,  as she doesn't have time for a typewriter. None of us do that actual writing thing with ink and stuff apparently.  Aah, that must be where I'm going wrong...
    I'm just off to bury my head in a pillow and scream for several minutes now
  • I think I'll join you!
  • Bit of a mockery, isn't it?
  • Come on girls, let's gather here for a communal scream.  Let's scream nationwide (including Isle of Wight of course)
  • Arrrggggghhhhhhhh.
  • can you here the scram from a resident of Warwickshire
  • Oh my god. What good can come of this?
  • Well said Nena.  Let's think of something.  How's this for world gone mad?  A report on our local radio tells of someone who has had 99 convictions for theft and has not, to date, received a prison sentence.  Press went to interview her and she complained about them publishing her picture, "everyone will know who I am, and I haven't killed anybody."
  • oh, so long as she hasn't killed anybody then...arrrrrrrrgh!!  As you say Betsie, world gone mad.
    There was an article in the Metro in the week about a girl who proudly announced she had been part of a mob surrounding Beckham and she pinched his bum then nicked his beanie hat.  So, theft and assault is ok as long as they are famous then? 
    For one, if the situation was reversed, I don't think she'd be happy and two, she seemed to see nothing wrong in her actions.
    To cap it all, a newspaper have paid her 2 grand for the hat.  Noble in returning the hat to its rightful owner, but also clearly showing that crime does apparently pay!
  • No 'ink and stuff' - hmm...  That's the problem, then.  All these modern ways are beginning to crowd in on me, arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  I don't know what to do - after all, these 'celebrities' obviously know better than the rest of us, don't they?  We mere plebs have a long way to go to catch up.

    Jeez - what a weird world we live in, now.
  • Regarding JK Rowling being the Best Living Writer.
    The people who ran that silly voting game have  actually done her a disservice.  They have opened her to derision by the very people whose respect she could value.
    Her real friends in the writing world may be few
  • I once fell into a bush after rescuing an 'Action Man' toy, the one with a parachute, from a tree. It means that I fell into a (flower) bed with a celeb, dislodged my false finger nail, and re arranged my facial expression. Does this mean, I too, can earn millions from writing my autobiography????
  • Really good to hear they had to wait like evceryone else to pay.
  • Sal - What are you waiting for??? Approach an agent/publisher/tabloid newspaper. And start writing!
  • Tessa, I'm sorry to hear they snapped at your son who was obviously being helpful - and then thinking that they could jump the queue - ha!  They actually live a few miles up the road from here and as far as I know, are usually polite but I think sometimes many of these 'celebs' begin to believe their own press and then forget their manners.
    I recently read about Richard E Grant striding to the front of a taxi rank in London even though there was a queue and it put me right off him.  Do these people think because we are mere mortals our time is infinite?  Manners cost nothing and maketh the man - not being on telly or getting your kit off. 
    Aaaaaah and breathe!!! lol

    LOL at rescuing action man.  Those parachutes never worked, did they?  I remember my brother dropping his AM out of the bathroom window frequently in a test of the equipment but it was pretty much a failure every time. 
    PS:  the book sounds like a bestseller to me! But make it that you chipped two fingernails - more drama!
  • I have a cunning plan....  I phone the tabloids and tell them I once had a foursome with John Prescott, David Beckham and Sir Elt.  D'ya reckon they'd buy it?  Ho, ho.
  • Absolutely!
  • Knowing Richard E. Grant be was probably just being a git to see what he could get away with ;)
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