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The woman in black

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  • Has anybody read anything by Susan Hill? I have just finished 'The woman in black' and really enjoyed it. Not knowing anything about the writer, I checked in my Oxford companion to English literature and found out that the book is the recreation of a victorian ghost story and has been adapted for television and stage. I would love to see the play, or film; does anybody know anything about it? I wonder if it is a true story.
  • aargh!! i went to see that play at the fortune theatre in london as part of my drama gcse course. scared the sh*t out of me. i went to sleep with the light on for the next two nights. reading the play doesnt seem that scary, but the performance was so well done that we were all still screaming about it on the way home. still writing about it got me an A at the end of the two years so it was owrth it... almost :-/.

    anyone who likes a scare i would go and see that play performed, or if youve read the book i would really recommend seeing/reading the play. its awesome!! heehee.

    and didnt susan hill write 'i'm the king of the castle'? il just check....yes she did. for reference heres a good site for anyone wanting to know books by certain authors: www.fantasticfiction.co.uk
  • For me, 'I'm the King of the Castle' is an impressive book. It's popular in schools but it makes a good read for all ages. I haven't read 'The Woman in Black', but I've heard the play is good.
  • I saw this as a play a few years ago.  It was really good, scary and memorable.  I think it is still running in one of the London theatres but don't know which one.
  • Hi Summernight.  'Woman in Black' is available on DVD but is very expensive through the shops (39.99) but if you look on search on ebay under DVD and film there are 3 DVDs being offered for sale for about £2 - 3 each. You don't have to bid - you  can buy them straight away, but the offers end in the next 4-6 days so you'd better be quick if you want one. It says they are new/almost new.  I have the book and love it.
  • I've just seen an advertisement for the 'Woman in Black' being performed over here! It looks good, something to save up for.
  • Ooh I once saw this film on Christmas Eve many years ago, it scared the life out of me and I remember my two teenagers rushing over to me cos it had scared them too!!! Best of luck if you get the DVD, but don't watch it late at night!
  • Hi
    Update on Woman in Black.  The stage adaption of the book is in the Fortune Theatre, Russell Street, London. if you book in June on lastminute.com,you can buy a ticket for about ten pounds.
  • I have read Susan Hill's 'Mrs De Winter' - a sequel to Daphne Du Murrier's 'Rebecca'.  She picked up the thread and tone of Rebecca but I had mixed feelings at the end - but a good read if you liked Rebecca.  Having said that, I'm not happy when someone writes using another author's characters.
  • Okay, just seen this, and having seen in a drama trip in April....

    The play was good.

    Never scared me at all.
  • Susan Hill is a wonderful writer, a very helpful woman, and a kind friend to have. Buy her books, and listen to what she says about writing. She used to have a brilliant blog and a fabulous online writing course, but took it down some time ago.

    The Woman In Black is bloody terrifying (and while we're on the subject, it's worth reading Wilkie Collins' The Woman In White too: it has some of the best plotting I've read, and is in my top five favourite books ever).
  • I'm with Probie...didn't find it scary or terrifying. Maybe you and I are weird, K?
  • Hmmm...All it did was made me jump. Twice. That's it. It was funny to see people scream at a door that opened on its own. Pathetic.

    Yep A, definatly in the minority.
  • Saw The Woman in Black about four years ago when it came to Wolverhampton. Very atmospheric. Creepiest bit was when people started turning round and The Woman was actually standing in the audience :-O Nice touch. Also saw it on tv a good twenty years ago. I'd love to see it again.
  • [quote= Probie]It was funny to see people scream at a door that opened on its own.[/quote]
    One might suggest Your imagination needs honing. Success of entertainment is gaining full attention of spectators but audience members need to allow full commitment of their belief.

    [quote= Probie]Pathetic.[/quote]
    Commonsense and reality must be, temporarily, suspended. If you cannot enter the weaving threads of a story and allow them to cocoon your sensations you will never appreciate another person's creative skill.

    Your comments illustrate the difficulty of winning Editor interest or convincing a Publisher of worth in our conjured creations.
  • I studied the book at gcse level and wasn't a big fan of it at the time but thinking back it was quite haunting. I have never seen a production of it but I would if there was one in my area.
  • Jan, I'm sorry, but I didn't find the thing scary. My imagination's shot. It only half works.
  • [quote= Probie]My imagination ..... only half works. [/quote]
    :( Not much hope as a writer then. :)
  • Look. I enjoyed the play, but it didn't affect me. It's not that kind of thing to affect me. If I rely on my imagination to make things work, I simply can't. If you want me to picture something, it better be a very good narrative. I'm 15. I was in the front row. Some elements DID scare me. But some things didn't.

    As for much hope of being a writer, I'm going to have a good old stab at it. Even with a half working imagination.

    I have a lifetime to get the other half to work.
  • I wonder what that says about me? I didn't find it scary either. I have a very vivid imaginaton, but I don't scare at all easily, so maybe that's it. One person's sqeaking door is another person's amusement.
  • Get out the WD40. That should sort your door out for you
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