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Writers News Rucksack

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  • Remember we all said a bag would be a good idea as a follow on from Webbo's hat. Well there is now a Rucksack. My magazines arrived this morning and there was the advert near the back of Writing Magazine.
    We are brilliant.I will definately be ordering one ready for my literary forays in the summer.
  • 'We are brilliant' the lady says. Well, of-course we are.
  • Well I would like a tote bag as well Dorothy, but WN/WM obviously see us all as adventurous types who need to carry a lot of stuff around.
    Perhaps they will come up with tote bags for Christmas. Rucksacks are unisex.
  • What's wrong with carting everything around in a wheelbarrow?!!!
  • A rucksack is much safer to carry as it balances the carrying weight more efficiently. WM have probably considered health and safety aspects in their chosen design.

    Do you women REALLY need to keep so much clutter with you, wherever you go?
  • Not all women Jan.
  • I'm with the tote bag gang
  • Jan, we just can't help it, we sort of accumulate things, and then we're too busy to sort everything out, and it builds up... understand now?
  • Thanks for the correction Kangaroo.

    Sorry Carol,
    Can't help thinking that if you only had a small bag then selective sorting would become a practical necessity.

    All that weight Dorothyd,
    Carrying your bag in one or other hand is just not good for posture.
  • and another thing Dorothyd,

    You might have allowed us the illusion for a little while! Long tailored jacket and high heels would be quite fetching, I thought women got away with wearing any attire in a holiday resort.
  • I do have small bags Jan, but they are only used infrequently. Sometimes when I go out I need to take my blood glucose testing kit, and my insulin pen- it has a case, something like a box you would get a fancy pen in, but rounded, grey and smooth.
    My purse is large, as I need to keep plenty of change for our buses(exact fare only), and packs of tissues; I'm another one who gets the 'have you got a tissue' request.
    I'm not a petite individual and my large handbag is in proportion to the rest of me, so it doesn't look odd-unlike a small bag!
  • Yes Carol,
    I am familiar with tools of your sugar to glucose condition, having worked with past diabetic colleagues. However, you won't convince me. All  that is required is a bag just big enough for needs. How is it we males manage with only our trouser pockets?
  • All this talk of small bags is traumatising me.  My bags (for which I'm famous and my family constantly complain about) are always mammoth sized.  I can't move without my junk and I carry a tiny torch to see into the depths of my awful bag.  The main items in it are phone, notebook, sunglasses, digital camera, purse, little box with indigestion stuff and chewing gum and mints (ex smokers need gum, mints, etc) packet of wine gums, pen, sketch pad and pencils, tissues, the said torch, something to read in case I have to stand in a queue, keys, diary, and anything else that lurks forgotten in the murky depths.  Oh dear. 
  • Sounds like an offensive weapon Betsie!

    I wouldn't want to be on the end of your swing so 'nough said about ladies baggage.
  • Apologies Jan, not everyone may know a diabetic and be used to seeing all the stuff we sometimes take with us.
    As Betsie and Dorothy have admitted what they have in their bag, I really should admit mine holds: a large notebook, bus timetables, a card with my blood type details,repeat prescription forms, mobile phone,address book,reading glasses in a case, comb,receipts etc,glucose tablets, coloured lip gloss, clear mascara, pens, pencil, family library cards as well as the normal financial type stuff we all carry around,glass cleaning cloth, couple of small packs of tissues, handbag mirror, scarf or hat that can be rolled up and the odd small bar of choclate or biscuit pack. Plus my keys when I'm out.
    They are essentials to me. And it leaves room for me to put in a paperback and my insulin stuff when needed. Hence the large bag.
  • Sorry you have to get the details of my bag Jan, we were composing at the same time.
  • Just got rid of one old bag – Why would I want another one?  OUCH! Mind you, at least I’m getting my brain back in return. Fair trade I suppose.

    Do you all travel so much that you need a bag? Or have I been living in a very small world?


    Aka Ogleburger Svengalbean IV © Loony Bin Productions 2006 (all rights reserved etc).

    Ps. Maybe I haven’t quite got it all back yet?  Perhaps I could knight myself and become Lord Svengalbean IV?
  • Dorothy, I've discovered handbags are stronger, I have had to throw out at least eight shoulder bags because the straps have given way before the rest of the bag is worn out. They had even less in them than what I carry now.
  • It's all right Carol,

    My varied life experiences have included working with an ex-bricklayer who had to be physically held down to "persuade" him to swallow sugary drinks/sweets and a young lady whose snoring would signal her hypo state whilst seemingly still wide awake.
    As for details of handbag size and contents, I have known of oversized bags being stolen by the perpetrator squeezing it through balustrading in a restaurant.

    Apologies Dorothyd,

    There was no intention to imply you be mistaken for a grockle. Many years, living in a holiday resort taught me the complexities of trying to commute/work during those summer holiday weeks. Perhaps that big beefy spirit you were gifted could clear your path by shouting "boo" inside tourists heads.
  • I've done both of those Jan, or my husband has had to do the first, and deal with the second. Fortunately a change in insulin has finally stopped those severe type reactions.
    In Leicester the police have been handing out bells for women to attach to their bags and purses to alert them to potential theft. Apparently it has reduced the number of cases reported.
  • So what is a aromachair???? And where
    is Webbos' hat? Now would you like to know what's in my bag?
  • Yes Stan - I'd love to know what's in your bag.  An aromachair?  Haven't a clue, but I'd guess at some sort of nice smelling cushion or stinky cushion for that matter - a stool with rose petals - actually the mind boggles.
  • A bothersome Bimble Baby
  • I can understand the usefulness of a Bookchair but am puzzled by the Aromachair.

    Would it provide a suitable scent, depending on the atmosphere of the story in the book that was resting on it?
  • We might not like the aroma it gives out.
  • I wouldn't want that sort of Aromachair at the moment - I'm reading Underground London and have just got to the chapter about the plague pits!!
  • Thanks Jany - yes, I guess the rucksack stole the show
  • But happened to Webbo's hat?
  • Stan - I expect he'll be getting his sun hat our soon
  • Morning all.
    Aromachair is a type of book stand, produced by the same company as the Bookchair, which we also offer for sale. Both types are also on sale (at a higher price!) in several national bookselling chains.
    The only difference between the Aromachair and the Bookchair is that the Aromachair has a perfumed pocket to the back of the stand, which releases a relaxing scent as you read your book. It holds a large format paperback (eg cookbook) comfortably, but is just as suitable as a computer document stand.
    Both are £4.99 inc p&p; colour and scent vary, but include rose, lavender and lemon, subject to availability.
    I hope that clears it up somewhat,
  • Yes, thanks Webbo, but about the hats???
  • Hello Stan,
    I am assured that if you would like a hat we still have plenty available, from the Writers' News office (see the About Us page for contact details).
    We thought that sales might slow down with the sun popping out and summer on its way, but they will be well advertised again in time for autumn.
    Best wishes
  • Hands up everyone who thought the Aromachair and Bookchair were for you to sit on!!!!
  • That's fair enough!

    As for those who did see it ... what did you think the little clips were for?!!!
  • Webbo - Re the Aromachair - any chance you could provide sachets that smell of fresh coffee or just-baked bread?!!
  • Yes, fresh coffee and fresh baked bread smells would be just wonderful.
  • Going off at a tangent here folks!
  • Is a tangent a kind of boat? I've sent today for the aromachairs and the bookchairs and a couple of binders to organise copies of WM.
  • Please let us know what the Aromachair smells like!
  • Yes, I shall Jany. Why did you post your message twice? Were you getting excited at the thought of the aroma?
  • Perhaps there are two of her!
  • Two of Jany - wow!
  • As a child I used to enjoy going into the hall of mirrors at fairgrounds. 
  • Me too Stan - now when I look in an ordinary mirror I get a scary feeling of deja vu.
  • Great line Betsie! I know what you mean. If only everything would head North instead of South!
  • Howard - What if someone invented clothes and shoes with an anti-gravity field (inside, not outside or we'd all be wafting around several feet off the ground!).

    That would possibly reverse the "southward" effect, although it would be somewhat mind-boggling when people took their clothes and shoes off at bedtime (or whenever)!
  • The aromachair etc have not yet arrived. Descriptions to follow when they do. Meanwhile, keep on writing.
  • Still waiting.......
  • I ADORE my aromachair.
    Right now it's got 'The Ode Less Travelled' by Stephen Fry sitting in it.

    An inspirational book indeed, and one I'd recommend.

    Stephen Fry makes me proud to be English :D
  • Still waiting ...
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