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More sales today

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  • We went to a local coffee shop this morning and they bought 50 copies for there display, we had to knock money off though, but we made a profit :O)  the second most amount we ever sold, (the biggest was last year 300 + at one school signing we went to :O) it was to help raise money for their school, so that was the buyers motivator we expect......well the talented author maybe too ;o) )

    This morning we went to the local ottakars in Maidstone and they said they sold a couple more copies today as they has saw it in a writing mag, I expect it may have been this one :O) was it you I wonder ....... ;O)

    Its been a great day for us :O)

    Gary and Carol.
  • Good news Gary and Carol.
  • Well done Gary and Carol, you deserve it.
  • Stan,Lili

    Thank you for the kind words :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Glad your hard work and persistence is paying off.
  • Thanks Carol :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Congrats, congrats!  It's always inspiring to hear such good news.
  • Thanks too MMD :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Congratulations!
  • Brilliant news Gary.  Well done.
  • Congratulations!
  • Jay,Tessa,Kangaroo and Hush :O)

    Sorry for the delay in the thanks :O) nice to have support in our quests from  all the well wishers :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Yes, we like to be nice, shame some people cannot help themselves and make aggressive assumptions before the fact with total arrogance which seems to filter down from the top of the tree to the lower branch's :O) (from other places not within talkback who all seem to be very nice people)

  • *mutter* That Gary and that Carol... *mutter*

    The things I've 'eard about them, thinks like you wouldn't BELIEEEEEEEEEEVE!!! :D :D :D
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