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the shadow falls

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  • I’ve always believed that you never progress without taking risks. I’ve been keeping up my writing in spite of being very busy; indeed the writing is a welcome respite. I’ve been taking all the advice I can and have completed a third of a novel aimed at a specific market. It is planned out chapter by chapter to the end. The WN assessment of the first 3000 words should encourage me. BUT; between the conception and the creation …. falls the shadow. My heart’s not in it. It’s not me. My reading in the same genre leaves me flat. So I’ve been taking time out to write comic sketches based on the observations in my notebook. I have an idea for an original type of comic novel (with potential for a series) which has been maturing for over a year now. I have a simple but very engaging title and I come alive when I think about it. It’s saucy, irreverent and a little risky. My point is I think sometimes you have to follow your heart. I’m sure I’m not standing in this exciting, but somewhat insecure place alone.
  • Good luck with the completed novel Howard - you may as well see if it will sell after your hard work.  Re the comic novel - I think you should go for it.  When you say comic novel do you mean what they are now calling graphic novels - words and pictures?  If that's where you instincts are taking you - dive in.  I believe graphic novels are up and coming and at the moment so now's the time to do it.
  • I hadn't thought of pictures, Betsie, but it would lend itself perfectly to illustrations. Thank you! Only 11 mnutes on Talkback and a great idea comes winging its way back.
  • Hi, Howard. Don't throw away what you've done so far of the novel. It may come in useful later. Although they're the bane of my life, manga novels are doing very well - certainly on Amazon UK's gay romance listing (see http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/525020/ref=br_bx_1_c_1_1/026-0094446-3793241 for details - 12 of the top 20, including the No.1 are manga).
  • Yes Howard, go with it. You will come back to your other work, fresh and with a new perspective. Hope it works out well.
  • Hi Jay. You're so right. I learned the lesson of not throwing anything away a long time ago. It's amazing how writing that seemed obselete can suddenly be found a place.

    Manga? Hmmmm, not for me. My idea is a comedy (two chapters already well under way), but it's the kind of writing that would lend itself to intelligent illustrations, especially as each chapter tackles a different topic.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Carol.
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