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A strange but successful selling day today :O|

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  • We sold 26 copies of The Sooty Elf today, by simply having a coffee when a bus load of OAPs came into the coffee shop where we have a small display, one relised it was us in the pictures in the 'WN' new members bit, we use that as an advert for the books (as well as Richard and Judy bit from being on their show), they then all started to buy them for grand children !!!!  cool or what!  they were really nice :O) although I had to hug a few as they thought I was a 'very nice man, no a very very very nice man) and a squeezed bum to get the sales but we have to bend over backwards for sales doing it on your own dont we! :O)

    So total now is (including order from Gardners today) is 661 since feb 06 :O) ( note: last years total was 423, but family split etc delayed the marketing)

    So we're happy :O)
  • Well done, you very very very nice man.
  • Congratulations!
  • Stan, Kangaroo :O) thanks :O) be great if all days were like that :O)

    Gaz and Caz :O)
  • Well done!
  • Wonderful news, Gary and Carol. Hope for more days like that for you both.
  • Jay, Write( AA team, good one :O) ) and Kathy, thanks :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
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