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Webbo, do you make articles of our ramblings?

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  • Hi, Webbo. Just wondered if you intend to use some of our ramblings as the basis for articles in one of the magazines.
    Some of them topics have elicited loads of posts, and would probably interest readers who aren't members of Talkback - or might encourage them to join.
  • Or maybe wonder if some of us ought to be certified!!
  • Hands up somebody, we need a volunteer.
  • A volunteer for what Dora?
  • Hello Jay,
    We do regularly use conversation threads from Talkback as the basis of stories in <em>Writing Magazine</em> and <em>Writers’ News</em>.
    The next one, about Nenastew’s twisted novel titles game, is in Miscellany for <em>Writing Magazine</em>, July.
    Best wishes
  • Fame - or notoriety???
  • I'm sure Webbo will be selective.
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