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  • Hello everyone,

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  • Hi, am new to talkback.  Lyn
  • Hello Lyn, Welcome to Talkback.
  • Hello ghostie - I couldn't see you at first since going to specsavers, I've got you into focus. Join in the fun. Sometimes we are serious.
  • hello everyone on talkback,

    only just saw this post but have already made one post.

    im new. i signed whilst i was at lunch at college because all my friends are outside but it is too cold!!!
  • Hi, I was reading the bit by the Queen of Procrastination whilst sitting in front of my computer revving up to begin writing but I've lost it and can't find it again. I thought it was appropriate that I joined while I was procrastinating so here I am
  • Hi Jessie, welcome to Talkback.
  • Hi,Jessie. Welcome to Talkback.

  • Welcome Jessie!
  • Thanks for the welcome messages, it's good to be in touch with you all
  • I just signed up for this....looking forward to contributing. Hi everyone
  • Goodness me, Freak the Kat. I thought I was the only Kat in this alley. Welcome.
    Kool Kat
    (I live with Stan and his Dog).
  • Hello Jessie and Kat - welcome to Talkback. x
  • Hello, I'm Olivia. Glad to join you. I've a question if ayone can help.  I'd like to know of a plane that touches down to refuel on a trip.  It's for a story.  I want people to have to change planes (instead of plane re-fuelling) Not too long a journey, though doesn't really matter.  Have tried to find this out, but cannot.  Sounds so easy, doesn't it?  Thanks. thanks.
  • Welcome Olivia. I have a friend who visits relatives in America. He flies to one of their international airports (it might be Kennedy, but I'm not sure) then changes to an internal flight to complete his journey.

    I suppose the same could apply in other countries. Is this the kind of thing you meant?
  • Hi Olivia.  I can't help with your query, but welcome to Talkback.
  • Hi all I am new to talkback. I have been writing for a few years about food, wine and health issues. I review restaurants - with honesty. I need to submit to some new lifestyle magazines but not sure how best to lay out my CV/ profile these days - any good ideas??
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