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Information round-up

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  • Hi, Webbo. What about a new thread for information e.g. useful websites, publications?
  • Good idea. I wondered if it was OK to recommend other websites on here (e.g. the BBC).
  • I've wondered about that. I get lots of info on competitions, courses and stuff sent to me as contact point for our writers' club, and I know some bits would be useful for other Talkbackers.
  • In case you haven't seen it, there's a free newspaper - Mature Times - which is for the over 50s. It's available at libraries although a more comprehensive version can be obtained via email.
    You just have to register with them on:
    [email protected]

    They've just started a Mature Times Writing Group and the April issue, which I picked up yesterday, has details of a competition:

    Entry fee is £1.50 for one or two entries - it's usually £3 per entry but readers of MT have an exclusive discount.

    Prizes are £75, £25 and £15. Closing date is 30th September. The three winning entries will appear in The Scribbler.

    Entries to be sent to:
    Writers' Grand Circle, Dept MT, 43 Chard Drive, Luton, Beds. LU3 4EQ

    They want original fiction stories with fewer than 3,000 words on any subject, typed or printed, preferably double spaced, on plain white paper(one side only).

    You have to send a separate cover sheet with your name and address. If you want confirmation your entry has been received, they'll need an SAE or postcard.
  • Webbo's suggested we use "Writers' World" or "Writing Queries" to post information.
  • Er ... that was me, Jay!
  • Concentrate at the back there!!!
  • I think I may have confused you. As I (I being Jay Mandal) type this, I can see I'm apparently logged on as Neil. (I can even see his e-mail address!)
    There were problems earlier between amboline and Lofty Lady, and, during the early hours, I couldn't log on - I was told I was unauthorised.
    Help, Webbo!
  • neil and dorothy, I had that problem too, yesterday evening and first thing this morning. I even e-mailed Webbo and he assured me it wasn't anything I'd done or a site problem. He suggested some things to try, and when I did, they worked.
  • I had the same persecution complex - I thought it was only me who was persona non grata.

    I emailed Webbo, he emailed me back with some questions and then, just as I was replying, he rang me!!

    He sounds very nice, does our Webbo!!!
  • I've e-mailed him a few times, and he's been charming, and has been very helpful. It seems we were all getting the same unauthorized message. We all appear to have guilty conciences about something as well!
  • Nope - we're still here!!!
  • Hi Jay. Glad to hear it's not only me who has been logged on as someone else. I left a message under the queries section last week because I was logged on as Nibs and hadn't noticed for a while, so all my messages were under that name. It seems to have been ok since I logged off and on again though.
  • Amboline - you might get a faster response if you email Webbo.
  • Morning all,
    I've already noted the username problem, and am trying to get to the bottom of it right now (again!). Please bear with me for now.
    Amboline, to answer your question from another thread, I can, and will, adjust threads to show the correct name of the poster but am trying to fix the problem first to avoid getting in a muddle.
    Best wishes
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