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Change your life

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  • Just reading 'Change Your Life in 7 Days' by Paul McKenna. Includes CD. Anyone else read it?
  • no but i heard the interview with paul mckenna on the chris moyles show :D
  • I've bought it, but I haven't  started reading it yet.  But I've used Paul McKenna's "Motivation/Confidence Now" tape in the past.  I really found it made a difference to me at the time, when I first moved from training into giving seminars.  I felt at home interacting with other people, but I was nervous about speaking "at them" for an hour.  Then on the day my husband asked me if I was nervous, and I said, no, I was more excited than nervous.  It wasn't until the next time I listened to the tape I realised that Paul McKenna says something like, "There's no need to be worried about nerves. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach and realise they are excitiment about the opportunity you are about to take."  Can't be bad!  How are you finding it Sal?
  • Hi Jacey
    just started reading book but haven't listened to the CD yet-find it interesting, but have not experienced any changes.  But I've only read it for two nights.  I'll keep you informed.
  • I've been reading "instant confidence" and listening to the cd that goes with it. I think it has helped me a little bit, i'm going to carry on 'til the end of the book and see what happens. I could certainly do with a bit more self-confidence anyway, it might help me sell some work :->
  • I started to read book on improving your memory and forgot where I put the book - it's a true story.
  • Oh Stan!
  • I wouldn't forget the way to Talkback. Turn left at Clapham Junction.
  • Maybe we could do a swap ... change your life with somebody else?
  • Who would you swap with?
  • Elvis.
  • Kidding, of course. I've got no idea who I'd really want to swap with.
  • Eh Fion - you'd rather be six feet under? Hmmm.
  • Are we back to the hearse again?
  • Yes, Stan, it's having a busy night, that old hearse isn't it. Gears crash a bit what! I wonder actually, how often the word "hearse" appears in writing per day, in comparison to words like, well, umm, oh I dunno, just other words.
  • Hi Sal.  Most of the tutors on my Clinical Hypnotherapy course own Paul McKenna's books, cds, etc and they all think very highly of him, saying that he is excellent at what he does, that his stuff does work, and that he is a good advert for the profession.
  • Good to know HP, thanks.
  • Your course sounds interesting HP. I would like to know of more Paul M book titles.
  • Hi Sal.  Have a look at this link.  It will tell you his books, CDs etc. Click on the title and it will give details of places to but on the internet and prices.

  • Did you see his recent TV series, where he helped people with phobias, low self-esteem and even some illnesses?  Fascinating stuff.  I think it is being repeated now on either Channel 5 or Sky One.
  • Thanks HP.  I shall look into this info.
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