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Talkback changes

edited March 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Morning all,
    The mushrooming popularity of Talkback has made the number of topics in certain groups rather unwieldy recently, so we are introducing more categories, with the hope of spreading topics out a bit more.
    Unfortunately, this can not be done offline, so there may be some disruption to the way Talkback displays today, particularly on the Category and Thread listings pages. I hope you'll all bear with me.
    If you have difficulties locating a particular message, the <A HREF=../talkback/default.asp?catid=0>All Categories</A> page is probably the best option.
    Thanks for your patience,
  • That's good Webbo! Thanks for letting us know. It shows us that you read our postings, also probably confirms your suspicions that we are a crazy lot on here!!!!
  • Sssh Lucy,

    Don't upset Webbo at work, just point me in the direction of those mushrooms he's planting. I love mushrooms.
  • Hello again,
    I'll try to work away quietly without disturbing you!
    As I said on the first post, I'm introducing a few new categories, and amending some existing ones. If you have any suggestions for new categories, <A HREF=mailto:[email protected]>e-mail me</A> or post them in this thread.
  • Did someone mention mushrooms? Yummy, I like them too. I look forward to the improvements Webbo. Have you sold many hats?
  • Now be serious here. I suggest we think about new categories that might help Webbo. I think we need one just for the add a thread, like the words that are all b's and the new one c's. Dorothy's there was no where to park this morning etc. Come on, we have imagination, let's use it. By the way, thanks Webbo.
  • Hello again.
    I have now added new categories for postings, and redistributed some older messages to the new categories.
    I hope everything's clear, and that I didn't disrupt it all too much. As I said, if anybody has any suggestions for categories, just let me know.
    Carol, I've moved consequences and similar topics to the section Writers' break.

    Happy Talkbacking,
  • Thanks for your hard work Webbo - what would we do without you.
  • Yes, thanks from me too Webbo.
  • I was at a book launch this evening, and when I got home and finally got to Talkback ,I noticed the Writers Break section. Great idea Webbo, thanks.
  • Wow, Webbo, this is fantastic, such an improvement, I like the new categories.Yes we are a mad lot aren't we but it is just like having our own little writer's circle or self help/study group. Bounce ideas, have a wee gripe and well, a social chit chat. All work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull whatever. 
  • Thanks Webbo, I noticed there had a been a change and wondered what was going on.
  • Thanks Webbo.  Hope the flowers are coming along nicely!
  • Three Cheers for Webbo,

    How did he do all that work without stopping our fun?

    Thank you Webbo for your consistent efforts also thank you to WN and WM for supplying such wonderful service.
  • Thanks Webbo from me too.
  • Thank you from me too Webbo.  Keep up the good work.
  • Have an easter eggy on us Webbo but ,oh dear, wait arrgh, Gnash, gnash, yum yum, slurpo,... sorrry I have already eaten it.
  • From me too Webbo, it's a great site. Thanks.
  • Dora, you are greedy! And it's not even Easter yet.
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