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What UK novelists do you find attention grabbing?

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  • What UK novelists do you find attention grabbing?
    I have found reading Jill Mansell novels lately that she is a terrific novelist!  Her stories are so attention grabbing that I have to keep turning the pages!
  • I agree Alana, I love Jill Mansell's books and I'm currently reading her new one, The One You Want, which is just as gripping at the others. Another author I like is Katie Fforde, who really brings her characters to life and makes them so true to life that you think, God, that's just the sort of thing I would do!
  • Carol Matthews.  Her stories are so funny, yet with an underlying sadness and truth.  I love everything she has written since her first book 'Meet Me on Platform 8'
  • I find the subject matter of Glen Duncan's novels gets my attention, they all have really promising ideas (what if the devil was given a month off to be a human or getting to know your family after you have died etc...) but I sometimes feel that some of his writing is overly "wordy" and you don't enjoy the reading but due to the subject matter it is still interesting.
  • The wonderful Ms Erskine lives a couple of miles down the road from here and her last book, Hiding From the Light, was set in Manningtree which is about 10 miles away - terrific book, very edge of seat stuff. When I need inspiration I drive past the end of her lane and try to absorb the vibes! Daft eh! But my all time favourite has to be Wilbur Smith - great books which also teach you loads of history without you really realising it.
  • My favourite is Ken Follett.  I first read "Pillars of the Earth" after getting it free from the "Daily Telegraph" and now have all his books, although I haven't enjoyed his later ones so much.
  • If we're going international then I have to say Chuck Palahniuk never fails gets my attention. His ideas are always so dark and twisted, along with his sense of humour, it almost becomes a sick pleasure to read his stuff!
    Read "Survivor", it has to be one of his best. I read it a year or so ago and it still keeps coming to mind now!
  • Hi.  I've  heard of the others mentioned, but don't know Chuck Palahniuk.  Who's gone international then, boywonder?
  • Dean Koontz, Wilbur Smith, Harlan Coben!
  • Yes, hadn't spotted that!  Did you know that at the age of eighteen months of age Wilbur was struck down by cerebral malaria, delirious for ten days, and doctors warned that he could be brain-damaged if he survived? Hasn't done badly, has he!
  • A.L.Kennedy - Everything You Need
    William Boyd - Any Human Heart

    Both beautifully written, both about writers and writing.

    Both two of the finest writers writing in the UK tody, imo.
  • Neil Gaiman.  Last book of his I just coudna leave it alone.  I couldn't let it lie. Carole Matthews has me laughing out loud. 
  • I find 'Light on Snow,' by Anita Shreve as a must read for writers, and any book by Sebastian faulks, especially his 'Bird Song,' and for horrow I would go for John Connelly. all three are great writers whom I would suggest to other writers as a great read.Bob.
  • I have been reading the Sophie Kinsella books, she is my idol! I must drink her bath water! haha.  No, seriously, i think she has a very enjoyable writing technique.  When reading her books i find myself going red in the face and i realise that she's writing about me.  So if i turned around i'm sure she'd be behind me with pen and paper writting what i was doing.  I was shocked to discover that she is infact Madelene Wickham, which just means that like her fictional character; Becky Brandon/Bloomward, I have to go shopping to collect them all.  I've never been so interested and grabbed as quickly into a book, than i have with hers. 
  • I loved reading Erica James' novel 'Precious Time', I found the characters and the story really good. I also read some of the Irish writers: Cathy Kelly, Maeve Binchy, etc - which are great!
  • If I had to pick one favourite, it would be Nick Hornby. I love About a Boy in particular.
  • StephenLee you made Sophie Kinsella sound so interesting I'm off to find one - drink her bathwater indeed - that's idolisation if you like!
  • Michele Roberts for sheer literary perfection, Joanne Harris for same (both have French mothers and English fathers, so there could be a link there, somewhere...), Terry Pratchett has me rolling round the floor, I read Icebox by Mark Bastable and made the mistake of reading it on a train - people must have thought I was insane, I was crying with laughter!  Anne Rice's vampire chronicles have me gripped, and the odd Stephen King doesn't go amiss, either.  A book I've read recently which I can't forget was called The Queen's Fool by Phillipa Gregory - brilliant.
  • Jacey
    I love Nick Hornby too
  • Dorothyd - have you read the Sharon Penman book Sunne in Splendour?  It's Richard's story of course, but George plays an important part in it (of course, she's not a UK novelist, but she does do her research)

    My favourite UK writers at the moment?  Probably Lindsay Davies for her Falco series, Mary Gentle for some seriously strange fantasy/alternate history/science fiction, and Neil Gaiman - and Terry Pratchett, especially where he gets more serious, as in Night Watch.
  • Evaine, yes, of course, The Sunne In Splendour is required reading for Ricardians and Richard is still very much a primary interest for me.  George is fascinating and yet overlooked, for some reason.  I am pleased to be able to do this book.
  • Cecilia Ahern is an aspiring novelist. Just read her latest novel, wasn`t as good as her first (p,s, I love you) but magical and heart-warming all the same. When i read her work i always wish i`d written it.
  • I really enjoy Johnathan Coe's books; a good blend of humour and political cynicism. Sebastian Faulks is a wonderful writer. I thought The Girl at the Lion D'or and Birdsong were both masterpieces. I hope to read Human Traces over Christmas.
  • im sorry, but most of the authors i like are american. but one UK novelist i do find inspiring is the childrens' writer brian jacques. i do recommend anyone giving him a read, even if you dont like adventures and battles. he writes beautifully and has wonderful description in his books.
  • im sorry, but most of the authors i like are american. but one UK novelist i do find inspiring is the childrens' writer brian jacques. i do recommend anyone giving him a read, even if you dont like adventures and battles. he writes beautifully and has wonderful description in his books.
  • oops double-clicked. D'OH!!
  • Maybe you should start a new thread on American authors, jennifer?
    I've read a bit of Brian Jacques, and they're quite fun.
  • Maybe old fashioned to some but I still enjoy John Buchan. Reading the Power House at the moment. I recommend it as he wrote a dammed good yarn in my opinion. 
  • My all-time favourite UK authors are James Herbert, Phil Rickman, Joe Donnolly, Terry Pratchett, Tanith Lee, Robert Rankin and I'm currently reading John Harvey's Lonely Hearts which is proving to be a good read. Also like Mary Street's historical romance (a weird thing, because I'm a horror buff through and through).
    I read a lot of US horror authors too, like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, some Anne Rice and a few others.
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