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Quick Reads

edited March 2006 in - Reading


  • 'Short, exciting books for everyone. To get a £1-off voucher [visit] www.quickreads.org.uk ' - this'll also give you more information.

    Anyone bought one yet?
  • Thanks for the info Jay. I've just taken a look at the site. Looks like some good books on there. Might buy one for a holiday read.
  • I had a look too, and I think I've seen a couple of them in Waterstones.
  • Ottakar's have a specific shelf for them, too.
  • I haven't had the opportunity to buy one yet, but I think the idea is a good one.  I hope these books do successfully encourage people who don't have much time to read, and people who aren't in the habit of reading frequently, to pick up a book.
  • wev got a whole shelf of them at the library where i work
  • Are they proving popular Jennifer?
  • kind of. more with the older generations than the younger
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