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Anyone know if Moonfleet has been made into a film?

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  • Does anyone know if Moonfleet has ever been turned into a film, if not, I would like to have a go if at all possible, in writing the script as I am currently reading the book. It would make a wonderful serial for television perhaps. Regards Woll52
  • I think the answer's yes. Google points one to a film in 1955 with Stewart Granger in it.
  • Oh, golly, I think I've seen it - and I don't think it bore a lot of resemblance to the book.
  • Hard luck, Woll!  At least it's best to know before you start on it.
  • It's on TV in the UK this week!
  • Thanks everyone, better turn to something esle. I am reading John Buchan at the moment, and no, bless you, it is not the Thirty Nine Steps which has been made into a film at least three times, once with Robert Donat, second with Kenneth More which bore no resemblance to the book and it was chronic then Robert Powell - that was kept reaonsably failful to the book. No I am reading Blanket in the Dark, few or any of you have read that so I might consider that to the film studios or to the BBC. I am doing three other projects at the momet at least but it is getting the little grey cells working at any rate. BFN
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