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'Girl with a pearl earring' etc

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  • After many recommendations I read "Girl with a pearl earring" by Tracy Chevalier followed by "The lady and the unicorn."  I found them very interesting because of the unusual settings (I guess they can be called historical novels) but somehow lacking of true feelings and I couldn't 'feel' the characters as real and living. Another comment about the second book is the too frequent use of the words 'snorted, frowned and grunted' and the irritating way French words or sentences were mixed in the dialogue. Has anybody read the books? What do you think?
  • Hi Hecate, yes I have read 'Virgin blue' and  as you said about 'The lady and the unicorn' found it very imaginative... to begin with. The author has obviously done a lot of research and is interestingly written but after a while I felt a bit like when watching a good play or film, when, after the initial excitement you begin to guess the next events and finally, the end. I found the end of the ancient part of the story good because left to the reader's imagination, but the end of the modern story far too predictable and 'they lived happy for ever and ever...'. And of course the French  words were still irritating!
    I haven't read 'Fallen Angels' yet but as soon as I do I'll be back!
  • I just can't write this message any more.  Can Webbo help?  Please!  It's re what are stops stops on plane to Australia.
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